I’ll clean your clock crock!

kayakNot an expression I usually use, I’m more likely to just use the dern f-word, but I’ll never forget my late friend Paula referring to some hapless young actor’s overly-doting gramma with that phrase. I don’t know where that kid is now. He probably has his own kids (or he has transitioned to female (which doesn’t preclude him/her from having kids)). His gramma is probably dead. Paula has been dead for 10 doggamn years. I still miss her and the email messages that made me just about literally fall out of my seat laughing. Love you my friend. Hope I seeya on the other side someday.

It turns out that I won’t be able to drive Ruby to work at all this week because, in all the confusion of an Airport Day, Liz forgot to leave a set of keys 🐗. It’s okay. Ruby is newer and fancier than my little Ninja. She is internet-capable and, although I sat in Ruby with Liz as the young salesman gave her an orientation, I would not know how to use all of her features. When I last bought a Honda (the Ninja), there really wasn’t all that much for our fave salesman Kevin Liu [now retired] to talk about, although he covered what there *was* quite exhaustively, as was his habit. Not that I would *need* to use Ruby’s fancy internet stuff. I have always loved to drive and my habit is to focus on *driving* while I’m in the driver’s seat, not dealing with the internet.

I did clean my crocks today. The crocks that hold my utensils, that is. I didn’t [quiiiite] feel like cleaning anyone’s clock [the GG doesn’t count] but maybe that’s because I didn’t drive anywhere. I’ve cleaned a lot of things this weekend. I still have a lot of work to do on my long-term ongoing deacquisition prodject but we are slowly making progress.

And yes, we went kayaking. It was just a short trip. We drove down Maple to where it meets Huron River Drive, hung a left and parked in the put-in place. Before we left, I was all “I don’t wanna do a Death Paddle”, etc. I dunno what I was thinking because it’s pretty hard to do a Death Paddle where we put in. The GG knew me better than I though. He hung out drifting and reading down by the first railroad bridge while I paddled my bote up to the second railroad bridge. Because once I get going, I kind of keeeeeep going. The current up by the second railroad bridge is strong and sends me back downstream pretty darn quick. I did take my time heading back down, stopping to look at all of the water plants. We MUST do this more often…

Love y’all,


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  1. Margaret Says:

    Kayaking! You are truly Kayak Woman now. Those small things can easily be forgotten. I was very concerned about it when Ashley left the white car here. I was worried that I didn’t have a set of keys, but it turns out that I have TWO. I’m like a squirrel!