Burn, baby burn

’cause there’s not much to talk about today. The Big Talk at Cubeland was a Power Outage over here on the west side. WWWD was the first to report it. His wife had gone home for lunch and it took her a minute or two to figure out why the refrigimatator’s light wasn’t on. The DTE app reported The Landfill’s status as “no power” and estimated it would be back on between about four and six. Ho-hum. I don’t keep a whole lot of stuff in the fridge/freezer these days although I didn’t want to lose the latest batch of Uncle Peter’s pasties. A neighborhood buddy facebooked that power was back on at her house and a bit later, I arrived at home to flashing clocks. Much ado about nothing.

So here ya go. A glimpse into the Landfill Backyard on a fine Saturday evening in June. Y’all know who the tie-dye guy is, roight? He’s burning the 2014 Landfill xmas tree. Burn, baby burn.





One Response to “Burn, baby burn”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It does look like a fine June evening; couldn’t you have just kept the tree for a few more months and reused it? (maybe with some flocking?) LOL