Time to banish xmas to the garage

xmasgarageExcept that we don’t have a garage. When we bought our house here on the Planet back in 1984, for the $65K that we paid, you could pretty much get a garage or a basement but not both. I took one look at the woods behind the house and decided I didn’t care which one I got. Although we have almost never had any fewer than three vee-hickles, I think the basement comes in handier than a garage would have. Unless you think about how much stuff gets stashed down there to save forever. Sigh.

The xmas holiday is over. Storm after storm after storm. Snow, ice, rain, wind. You name it. Struggling to get to the grokkery store. Struggling to buy the perfect gifts. Falling flat on my face sick as a dog with a gastro virus two days before the day.

I went back to work today. Actually, I went back to work Friday, the day after xmas. It was surreal. There was hardly anybody there and nobody from my team. The lights were out until forever. I wasn’t at 100% yet and I almost fell asleep in my cube a couple of times. Even though I was actually doing real *work*. I left to have lunch with the beach urchins and NpJane. There was no way I was gonna go back there after that. I will take four hours vacation for that day. Today was better. But we’re all marking time until the blasted *next* holiday. Which, of course, is New Year’s. I am ready for it all to be over. I love the early days of January. They’ll be here in just a few days.

I’m making turkey tetrahedron tonight. I got sick after eating Thanksgiving dinner a week ago tonight. It wasn’t the food. It was a virus. Nevertheless, I didn’t think I would ever want to eat turkey again. I am tonight. Tetrahedron is in the oven. I promise. I am outta steam. Love y’all. KW.

3 Responses to “Time to banish xmas to the garage”

  1. Old Horsetail Snake Says:

    It takes a big girl to list her illness as a virus rather than food poisoning. Nobody gets food poisoning from turkey, right? Right.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Beastly holiday–but January is bound to be better as we get more and more light. I like light!! Enjoy that turkey.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Well, while it’s true that an improperly handled turkey could cause food poisoning, this illness was almost certainly a gastrointestinal viral syndrome. Evidence:

    1) An immediate family member had exhibited identical symptoms in the preceding couple of days.
    2) No one else who ate the turkey got sick.
    3) No one got sick from eating a casserole made with some of the leftover turkey — which had been frozen immediately so as to avoid an occurrence of food poisoning.