I named it “cat”. That’s why I couldn’t find it.

Not sure if I had anything interesting to blahg about or not today but whatever may have been in the hopper got displaced by Pengo’s facebook post about how one of her cats (Simcoe) sat on her homework. Which meant that she couldn’t turn her homework in and her teacher didn’t believe her so she’ll flunk the class and never get the PhD she’s working on. Of course I am kidding about all of that. As if! But it reminded me of when the character below would come along and sit on my virtuoso-type flute music sheet as I was trying to play it.


Man oh man, did it take me a long time to find this photo. I knew I had it. I searched for “Mike” and “Muksaslouie” and “Muksaslooie”. Nada. Guess what? The photo is named “cat”. Who’da thunk I would name a photo of Muksaslouie “cat”? Jeebus. (If the Guru sees this, he will be shaking his head and muttering about tagging and yada yada and he is right but KW would need to implement the dreaded “R” word to find the time to nitz around with photos. Siiiiiighhh…)

So this big badass-looking cat was actually a badass cat. He ate aminals! Mice and squirrels and moles and whatever. I have mentioned him before. Technically, he belonged to my cousin but we were all young then and she left him with her parents, who doted on him as did the rest of us. Even The Commander (not a cat lover) used to let him into the moomincabin when she felt that I had been abed a wee bit too long so that he could walk on my head. Yes, it did wake me up. And I couldn’t even get mad because it was my fave CAT!

Below is me with Muksaslooie and I can’t exactly remember the circumstances (but I know that it was after I got married because I got that sweater in Nova Scotia) but I am pretty sure he was about to bite me. He didn’t put up with a whole lot of you-know-what and I’m sure I deserved it!


And so, how does a cat manage to walk on your music when you are practicing the flute? It is because yer fav-o-rite blahgger had the laziest flute playing posture on earth when practicing. At least at the moomincabin. She knew better and definitely stood to play when practicing at college. But here I am and I wonder if that yellow milk crate that I used to keep my music in is still around. (It’s probably down in the Landfill Dungeon…)


4 Responses to “I named it “cat”. That’s why I couldn’t find it.”

  1. Tonya Says:

    What a gorgeous (HUGE!) cat! And don’t you look sweet playing the heck out of that flute! (I think that’s the first flute-playing photo I’ve seen of you).

  2. Margaret Says:

    Is it just me or does that cat monster weigh about 30 pounds? However, he does look like he’s smiling(smirking?)! And what does the R word stand for??

  3. Sam Says:

    Muksaslooie! KW fluting!

    Bonus day!

  4. jane Says:

    ahh – Mike cat!