Resolution? I don’t need no stinkin’ resolution!

treeNot true. Not exactly. My resolution is the same boring old thing I have resolved to do every year for probably about the last 10 years. Divest. Deacquisition. Disburse. All of it. All the crap in my dungeon, that is. Y’all do not want to hear about that again, roight? Roight.

But wait, y’all are thinking. What is that in the picture? It looks like a tree. A big tree. It’s on the ground. Don’t trees usually stand upright. Here the baggy old kayak woman is blathering away about resolutions and all that old junk she has in her basement. And there’s this big tree on the ground and she seems to be totally ignoring it. What is the deal?

Okay, okay. Yes. It is a tree. It fell down. Go boom. Folks, this is tree number three for me. Can I just say, “ho hum?”

Seriously, this tree fell in the yard at Houghton Lake. It did not hit the fancy new cabin that we built because our beloved old shack was sinking into the ground. It did not even hit the garage. It did damage the old trailer. The trailer we used to haul behind The Indefatigable when we were in our Beverly Hillbillies phase of life. And it knocked down power lines, which cut off the lucky-shucky to the cabin, which really could’ve been disastrous.

Many thanks to Jim C and his electrician friend for interrupting their holidays, not to mention missing a very important football game, to drive up here and restore power to the cabin. And special thanks to Jim the neighbor for sharing his lucky-shucky with us via an extension cord so we could keep our furnace and other essential things going (you know, like the TV) until power could be restored.

Click here or on the pic for a slide show with commentary by Bob, the Uncliest Uncle of them all.

2 Responses to “Resolution? I don’t need no stinkin’ resolution!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It seems pretty exciting to me. Of course when one of our big evergreens comes down here, it usually takes a bunch of power lines with it. Not fun. I don’t like resolutions, but yours would be a good one for me also. (but even more for my husband and his mother!!)

  2. Marquis Says:

    Kayak Women, with your history of falling trees trying to hit or repeatedly hitting buildings have you considered the services of an Axe?