Sunday Landfill Twitter plays

oct2What was the highlight of your last birthday celebration? I will bet you anything it was NOT an encounter with a snake eating a toad. Sorry your life is so boring!


Twitter play #1:
Setting: The Landfill [one beach urchin eating a samosa]
@tmotu: Samosa? Are you guys drinking?

Twitter play #2:
Setting: Burns-Stokes Preserve
KW: Where’s dad? Is he still back by where the snake was eating the toad?
Beach Urchin: Yes.
KW: Is he video-taping it?
Beach Urchin: Probably.

Twitter play #3:
Setting: the landfill after witnessing a snake eat a toad.
A beach urchin: Where is dad? Is he still out at the telephone pole?
The other beach urchin: I dunno. Is it eating a toad?

P.S. He was actually out by the telephone pole because Morning Glories seem to be growing like weeds out there and he was inspecting them. Wonderful visit tonight by a beach urchin friend who often stayed with her grandparents next door as a child. Love love love.

One Response to “Sunday Landfill Twitter plays”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Snakes have to eat too, but I doubt that I would want to watch it or take a video. Love visits from my kids’ friends. They bring back wonderful memories.