Oh the humanity

I have a lot to say tonight but it is all rattling around my brain as raw chunks of data 🐸 that I can barely process let alone write coherently about, not that this boring blahg of blather is ever coherent. Let’s just say that I am not all that crazy about concerts but I will sometimes allow myself to be persuaded to see Arlo Guthrie. With dinner at Knight’s downtown venue before. The photoooos below are intended to show that I occasionally go out and do something besides slug around on the beach, hike, or (ahem) hang around in surgical waiting lounges. And no, I didn’t even walk downtown tonight. Drove the Ninja. Parked about a block ahead of Mr. Guthrie’s bus.

Without further ado, dinner at Knights downtown (with other concert goers as you might guess), Michigan Theatre, and a sorta fuzzy of Mr. Guthrie himself. My new iPhone was up to the task but the huge “do” on the woman in front of me kept bobbing and weaving back and forth and I had to keep re-focusing and I didn’t wanna bother the surrounding humanity. I thought *I* had Big Hair. Jeebus.




P.S. That “raw chunks of data” thing is a work joke that I couldn’t describe if I tried. G’night. KW.

Okay Second Wind, leggo o’ me and lemme go to sleep! And you can quit with the doggamn Nervous Knees too!

2 Responses to “Oh the humanity”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Very cool. We’ve been listening to Alice’s Restaurant every Thanksgiving for several years now (thanks to one of our Seattle radio stations). Not sure why it’s so associated with Thanksgiving, but it’s sort of wormed its way into our traditions.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know that I’ve heard much by AG. I like folk music, so maybe I should!