Sun Day

I was annoyed at myself this morning because I got up a half hour “late”. That means 6:00 AM instead of 5:30 AM. Now, first. Late? I didn’t have *anywhere* to be this morning. The GG headed over to DayTwa to watch the Lions lose again WIN! He left early and was gone all day. I had a random list of chores and things to do. I am not quite as organized this Thanksgiving as I usually am for various reasons that I’ll prob’ly blahg more about later this week. The point I’m taking forever to get to is that, by getting up a half hour late, the rising sun offered some photo ops that I would not have encountered if I had left for my walk at the usual time because my entire walk would’ve been in the dark. I know these are on both facebook and instagram. Sorry. Or something like that.




I managed to more or less get some of the things done on my amorphous list. I’m not sure how many of those things I got done because amorphous. (My children are probably ready to fling muskellunges at me for adopting the “because” thing). Anyway, one of the things that was a challenge for quite a while today was obtaining Turkey Parts to make gravy. I did see turkey wings or something at the Plum Market a few weeks ago but I did not buy them then. And now they do not have them. Meijer ALWAYS has them. Okay, I’ll just head out there early Sunday morning. Problem. Our street was a fricking mess with unplowed snow this morning. Ruts and everything. The Frog Hopper was just fine with the snow, ruts and all, but it headed off to DayTwa and I didn’t feel strong enough to try to blast through the snow with the Ninja, which has taaaars that are not designed for snow from the getgo and also needs new taaaarrrs. I waited a while until the temps rose a bit and eventually, I got out to Meijer without incident (after I got from our neighborhood street onto N. Maple, that was a challenge) and also got gasoline and whatever.

Our street was still a mess this afternoon but I wanted to walk some more and so I drove the Ninja down to Barton Dam and did our fave urban hike, which is where I got the photooos below. When I got back into the Ninja to back it out of its ICY parking spot, the taaaaars were spinning a bit. Yeek. I panicked for a split-second. I didn’t want to ask the young couple who were having fun picking their way down the icy hill to the river for help. I can do this. I am an old Yooper. Somehow, someway, my old Yooper driving skills kicked into gear. I rocked the Ninja a wee bit (with the stick shift) and then I turned the wheel so as to back the car out of whatever icy ruts had formed where I parked it. And I was outta there! Yay!

So here are a few photooos from my solo urban hike down at Barton Dam. Love y’all.




2 Responses to “Sun Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt was a big fan of the rocking! He did that quite a bit in various vehicles in inclement weather. I saw that the Lions won, but didn’t know the GG was there! Fun to be at a winning game. I’m still recovering from the fact that you get up at 5:30 on SUNDAY. I try to sleep until at least 8, but well, MARI. She wants out of Cat Jail before that. 🙂

  2. Tonya Says:

    8:00 a.m. is perfect for me. Then again, I’m kind of a late-nighter.