Dinosaur Shy-Shos

cousins.jpgSo, as if I haven’t ever heard this complaint before, Mouse is posting about having to eat dinosaurs at college. (It’s the “oooooooooo” post.) I have enough memories about shy-shos and kids cooking them to merit my own post and this is it.

Yeah, you guys did drag a stool over to the stove at the cabin and cook shy-shos. Actually there were days when no less than *four* stools followed The Commander around that little kitchen. She could see Bugs and Horsey on their back deck relaxing over cocktails and little tid-bits while four little tan, tow-headed beach urchins galumphed around her in the chitchen. Learning how to safely and properly cut vegetables with a sharp knife at the ripe old age of three, among other things.

I don’t remember anything about you guys cooking shy-shos down at Barb’s but it’s certainly something Barb would put up with. She always liked kids. My bro’ and I used to play with Kathie and Kevin all summer and Barb taught us how to swim. Now she gives us cocktails and stuff! I think you played with her niece’s step-daughter a few times and that must be when you took the shy-shos down there. I probably just thought, “Yeah, go cook down at Barb’s and good riddance!” That was back in the day of the 3 o-clock snack.

And by the way, Mouse, The Sneak may remember *you* calling them something like “paskettios,” but *I* remember when they were called something like shy-shos and they were usually eaten in the chitchen! 😉

One Response to “Dinosaur Shy-Shos”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    …and I think Valdemort called ’em “sumghettios”