Current Shower Procedure

darthbarberThis procedure is in effect while we still have running hot water. I’m sure it’ll change once we lose running hot water. Will that be on about Wednesday? We’ll see…

This procedure starts the night before my morning shower.

Night before:
— Organize clothing to take down to the Landfill Dungeon to put on in the morning: Turtleneck sweater, polartech vest, article of flinging at end-of-day, clean underwear.
— Turn hot water on in kitchen.
— Take organized clothing down to dungeon and bring washtub up.
— Fill washtub partway with hot water.
— Take washtub downstairs and wash feet. (I wash my feet every afternoon.)
— Dump foot water out in laundry tub, set washtub up to dry and ascend stairs.
— Put socks on.
— Put leggings, tights, and socks on the Green Couch so they’ll be there in the morning.

— Turn thermostat up to 68, which is way hotter than usual.
— Take shower in Landfill Dungeon.
— Put underwear, article of flinging, turtleneck sweater, and polartech vest on.
— Go upstairs and sit on the Green Couch to put on tights, leggings, and socks. It’s dark in the living room, so no one can see me from outside and I don’t disturb the GG, who is still surfacing from sleep at this point.

Love y’all. Hope you are having as much fun as we are! And hope none of this was TMI!

3 Responses to “Current Shower Procedure”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Quite an adventure! When my bathroom was being redone, I had a complicated morning procedure because I had to shower in the girls’ bathroom, then get my clothes in my master closet, or in the bonus room when they were in a huge pile in there. I sure don’t miss that!! 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Pre-planning is good.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Is the Mack pool still available for morning swims? Walk there, shower, walk back? How long will the hot water be out?