Look Ma, no chimney!

nochimneyIt was in late January of last year that the Twinz of Terror and I were standing in the Blue and Only Bathroom scoping it all out. Folk Festival weekend. The GG said that we weren’t really using the chimney for anything. The three of us kind of looked at each other…

Removing the chimney definitely added dollars to this prodject but I think it will be worth it. I was gonna try to get all eloquent about buying this place as “kids” (30), thinking we’d trade up some day. Not, but I’ll do that some other day.

I received an email from CKBL while I was at work today that the chimney was gone. I knew that removing the chimney meant *moving* the water heater and that *might* mean no running hot water for 24-48 hours or thereabouts. I was very excited about the chimney removal. I was less excited about the possible lack of running hot water although I knew I could deal with it. Know why? Because I grew up spending my summers at the Old Cabin and moomincabin, where cold water came through a garden hose connected to my Uncle Don’s well.

When I got home today, the water in the kitchen sink was running very slowly and didn’t seem to be getting hot. I feared the worst but I rallied to the cause and strategized how to deal with a limited cold water situation in the Great Lake State in December. Which means I filled my two biggest pots with water and started them heating on the stove. That was part of our dishwashing strategy back at the moomincabin when I was a kid, not to mention the Moldy Old Courtois Cabin at Houghton Lake in the winter when we had to pump water outside and haul it inside. I can do this!

The GG came home. He fixed the low water pressure issue. He figured out that we actually had running hot water so I will be able to take a shower in the basement tomorrow. Being married to a C-fam Boy is great because they do know how to deal with plumbing issues. I’ll stop there for tonight and we won’t talk about jiggling the handle 💜.

2 Responses to “Look Ma, no chimney!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Good for the GG! I can do most anything for a LIMITED amount of time. As long as I know that it’s only a day or two, I’m OK. If it’s an open ended situation, I go nuts.

  2. Sam Says:

    My, which handle do you mean? hahaha