Black hole sun

Glarg. That is really about all. Work was a long slodge today if you don’t count all of the times we all just let our hair down and talked about mostly nothing. MB threatened to talk to us about Process until we ate some of the cookies on the holiday tray his wife sent in. We did eat cookies but we also said something like, “Nyah nyah nyah na nyah nyah, we don’t work for you!” And then KP was freaking out that Chuckie might materialize outta the black back part of the building that the glacier has already rolled over.


I told KP that if Chuckie materialized, I had her back and I *meant* that. I was afraid of vampires and werewolves when I was only a few years younger than her. I understand. And then there was the part where I explained to a new employee that I was just joking when I said that LSCHP gets “annoyed” when he has to share an office building with his *employees* during the solstice holidays. He does get annoyed, sort of, but not really and I didn’t want my new co-worker to be intimidated by him because well, it’s complicated and ’nuff said. I did tell her about the time a couple years ago when I got cabin fever telecommuting from The Landfill during the holiday season so I went in to the office one day and was greeted by, “Look what the cat dragged in.” (I’ve written about that in this space before but it cracks me up so much that I will probably write about it again so get used to it, you [beloved] hosers!)

This holiday season is a bit different at work than usual, given the state of the building. The glacier threatened to steamroll my street a couple days ago but then it rolled back a bit and this is what my street looks like right now. The first chair on the right there is my cube’s Guest Chair. The red jacket hanging up there belongs to Cube Nayber. I hope the Queen Bee remembers to take down her witch. I’ll have to remind her about that.


Anyway, I couldn’t quite figger out why I was so close to the edge today until I counted up the number of days since I had last seen the sun. Six. We launched offa this planet last Friday morning under a brilliant sun. By the time we got to the yooperland, it was cloudy and spitting a bit of precipitation. We haven’t seen the sun since. I am always yammering about how being *outside* keeps me sane during bad weather. It does but I was on the edge today.

When I got home, DreamMaker (they’re almost done) was still in the driveway. I consulted with them about where to put the TP holder and a couple other things, then hoofed it downtown to meet up with the GG, hiding kleenex in the woods along the way. We did a weeeee bit of xmas shopping and then headed for home, stopping at Knight’s for dinner on the way. We’re watching Fargo (the TV series) these days and I knew that Molly wasn’t dead. Spleen? She can live without that. Sigh.

I dunno when we’ll see the sun again but here are a couple of youtube videos for sun lovers. Beware this one if you are squeamish or some stodgy old square [snort], you might be offended. And here is The Cyrkle with Red Rubber Ball. The Cyrkle? I remember this song and most of the words to it. I was in sixth grade listening to WSOO in my room doing my homework (wishing I had more math homework), and thinking about whatever kid I had a crush on at that time. The Cyrkle? I do not remember that band at all… … …

Sun. Sun. Sun sun sun! When? Probably not tomorrow. Keep on truckin’.

One Response to “Black hole sun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Does a little bit of blue sky count for sun? We’ve been missing it too, although we’ve had a couple of nice parts of days in the past week. 🙂 That’s as much as we can expect this winter, I’m afraid. Is your boss scary, or just gruff?