Moving along toward the silver lining because there always is one. Yes, really!

islandtealThat’s kind of all for tonight. Wish I had more to say but whatever it might be would include my old coot swearing like crazy. Or saying “Stick it”, like whenever National Petroleum Radio talked about the Blue Dress back in the day. Right there in front of whatever grandchildren happened to be around, which was usually my beach urchins. I did a kind of silent happy dance whenever he did that knowing that my children knew their Grandaddy at his best.

I didn’t have a pic to put in a post today but then I searched for something and, as we always say at work, “looking for something else, I found this.” It’s the blasted old POC. I think it is parked out at Betchler Lakes and some beach urchins are picking blueberries with the GG. They probably went elsewhere to learn how to use implements of too much fun after they were done picking blueberries.

I loved/hated the POC. When I first bought it, I felt like the queen of England or something. It was so beautiful and cool. Alas, there were little issues here and there forever and it nickle-and-dimed me forever. But it never left me by the side of the road and it was such a great vee-hickle for schlepping our kids and their cuzzints (and The Comm sometimes) out for blueberry picking expotitions up in the Yooperland.

We’re listening to Joan Baez tonight and here is The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Back in the day, when I was a kid and young teenager, my dad often drove us down from the Yooperland on weekends to see relatives in the Detroit area and and the loverly Planet Ann Arbor. The Planet Ann Arbor has, of course, been my home as an adult, where my children were born and grew up. Back in the day, my parents knew enough to tune in to a radio station on those trips that would play songs that teenagers would want to listen to. And I did, snuggled up listening to music in the back seat of that big old Buick or whatever we drove.

Miss those days. Love y’all.

2 Responses to “Moving along toward the silver lining because there always is one. Yes, really!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Miss those old days too, although I don’t miss my old cars much. I’m not even sure I could drive a stick anymore. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Is it only us kids-of-Michigan that remember our younger days indexed by the vehicles that were present?