Just say no.

woolTo gaslighting.

I am back working over at Cubeland these days. Things are still kind of a mess over there but we’re getting back into the swing. You know, remembering what our colleagues look like and all of that. Except I had to do a double-take when I saw FZ today. He was looking a wee bit wild-eyed and bushy. Cabin Fever? His cube hasn’t been built yet so he was squatting in a conference room.

When I telecommute, I do not wear the stereotypical work-from-home pajamas. I wear pajamas my Lands End sleepshirt in bed and in the evening IFF I am positive that no one besides a Beach Urchin or maybe npJane will be coming over. When I get up at 0-skunk-30, I immediately hit the [brand new lovely] shower, then suit up for urban hiking in whatever the weather. I am more comfortable in skirts than pants, especially jeans (long story), so during my current telecommuting sojourn, at least the colder parts of it, my work costume was Chico’s turtleneck, polartech vest (or jacket on the colder days), this pull-on biz-cazable ankle length wool skirt, tights, and Smartwool socks. If I needed to go outside, I would put on my Keen sandals. I do not wear shoes inside the house. I wore that same outfit to work today. It was cold out and that’s what worked.

I had a hangover this morning. Not that kind. Yesterday was an Epically Bad Day and I was grumpy as all get-out when I got to work. It didn’t help that it was the kind of morning that I couldn’t even remember my name, not to mention what I was supposed to do to earn my pay this week. Former Cube Nayber [over the wall now] came by, peered at the empty trashed-filled cubes across from me and said it looked like I wouldn’t be having neighbors any time soon. I retorted that that was a good thing, given how grumpy I was. I was friendly but she ske-daddled. I slowly surfaced from that low spot until we were all in an afternoon meeting and one of our managers kept getting cut off trying to talk during a teleconference. I looked across the table to her and said something like, “I feel your pain, that’s the story of my life.”

So a while back, someone in The Doghouse was playing a Tammy Wynette song. I actually like this particular country-western genre song (when I was a kid working at the Tempo store, we sold a lot of those albums and I pretended to have my nose in the air about it then) but all I have to say is that if you are a man and you want your woman to stand by you, you need to stand by her too. I am happy to have married a guy who does. Usually…

G’night, KW

2 Responses to “Just say no.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Usually…? 😉 I was grumpy today too, but my mood paled compared to many of the kids who were snippy and rude to each other. Gah.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I have to say, I’m a fan of “Stand by your Man”, although sometimes in an ironic way. We were on a road trip to see the covered bridges in Putnam County, Indiana, and Mark had downloaded the soundtrack to “Sleepless in Seattle”. Every time that song came around, I was singing it loud and proud, but not necessarily on-key.