Time traveling tonight

First there’s me eating my breakfast in our loverly but shabby house on Superior Street way back in the day. You can’t see it because the pic is cropped but the stove behind me is the original stove that I remember when I was really small. A year or two or three after this pic was taken, my parents scraped together what little bit of money they could and bought a new stove.


And then there is me and my brother in huge snow country. I *think* this photo is down by my grandparents’ house on John Street. I can almost remember when it was taken but not quite. I wish I had the original photo of this but sadly I have only a copy and probably never will be able to obtain the original…

anne jim snowbank

And then there is last year, two days after a big snowstorm, when I got up and shoveled everything on earth.


By the time the GG was up and ready to go to work (and that was EARLY), all of this crap was shoveled and I think some of the people he works with were envious and maybe incredulous that the GG had a *wife* who had done all of that shoveling. Snort. I am a blasted Yooper and I do know how to shovel snow…

This morning? 50 degrees. Yes really.

We’re listening to Unchained Melody [you tube link] and other songs tonight. Love you all so much. <3 <3 <3

One Response to “Time traveling tonight”

  1. Margaret Says:

    50? That’s about how warm it was here, I think. I have big snow pictures too, but they are from my grandparents’ places in Central Washington when I was little. The massive amounts of snow were part of the reason my parents moved to the more temperate west side of the mountains. 🙂