Off with their heads!

stumphouseI don’t have the polly-tickal chops to do a true polly-tickal post. I know I prob’ly annoyed some of my long-time readers back in 2012 when I ham-handedly tried to slam Mitt Romney a few times. I am sorry. I have had a visceral dislike for that man. I’m not sure why. I am going to guess I might like him if I ever met him, car elevators or whatever. And I know a few Mormon folks. Those who have landed on The Planet Ann Arbor are pretty progressive. I’m still glad he wasn’t elected. (A VERY progressive friend of mine happened to hate Obama with about my level of passion for Mitt, and was thinking about voting for him so go figger, and no, we didn’t pursue THAT conversation very far at all. We both know better than to let one dern national election get in the way of our long-time friendship.💜)

This next election? I dunno. I am not enthused about any either of the Democrats. I cannot figger what the heck is going on in the GOP. It is sooooo far away from my parents’ GOP that I cannot begin to recognize it. The bottom line for me, and I know it’s “early”, is that I don’t feel any enthusiasm for anyone on either side. I guess a couple of candidates for president will eventually emerge out of the fray and I will have to pick one. The sad thing is that no matter who wins, my little life will not change much. But I still care about the Flint water disaster and the the Detroit public schools disaster.

So, somebody finally managed to submit a recall petition for our state’s governor that was actually accepted. Why? It did not contain any spelling/grammar mistakes. You guys? If you are SERIOUS about submitting a recall petition, you need to make sure the language is understandable. That means no spelling mistakes. If you cannot spell, you need to get someone who has a talent for spelling (and MS Word catches most of that). I don’t suggest hiring a lawyer to look for spelling/grammar errors because in my experience with four out of the five lawyers who have made money off my parents’ estate, attaining a law degree does not automatically guarantee expertise with the English language.

So, will I sign that petition? I probably won’t (but I haven’t decided). I do not like Governor Snyder and the water situation in Flint is abominable and so are the Detroit schools. It’s worthwhile to note that I did not vote for Snyder either time he was elected even though the men running against him were not viable candidates. But I’m not sure that recalling him will be useful in solving our beautiful state’s problems. All of that stuff has happened over many many many years and I think will take a lot of time and careful analysis to undo. I don’t think any one person, including Snyder, can handle this. On the off chance that the recall happens, who will take over for Snyder? What will that person do? Will they solve Flint’s water problem and Detroit’s school problems?

I’m just sayin’.

2 Responses to “Off with their heads!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A whole lot of issues with no clear solutions, or paths to an eventual one. 🙁 I already know that I will vote for the Democrat. None of the GOP choices are even remotely acceptable to me.

  2. UU Says:

    RE polytics, at this stage it is best to listen to music.
    Why Sanders and Trump are front runners? The population is to totally disgusted with the democrat and republican parties, and the media, we are witnessing a revolt. The more the established parties and media knock Sanders and Trump (thief and thug) the more the majority of the population are driven two them.

    Ignore it all. The only thing that matters is who your choice is in November. In the meantime, seek peace of mind on the things you can control. Listen to music.