De-couched. Again.

lightsYes. I am off the Green Couch. Again. Knock on wood, fingers crossed, don’t step on a crack, etc., etc., ad infinitum, that I don’t land there again soon. Still coughing but made it through a full day of work and feel pretty dern good, thank you very much.

What Would The Marquis Do? I have a burning question for The Marquis, one that I hope he will comment about or, better yet, write about on his wonderful biking/life blahg. I’m talking about snow and/or ice bi-cycling. There are a few guys (yes, they are all guys, sorry gals, all I can say is, “get out there!”) on my early morning walking route that seem to bike to work every day, rain or shine, three or four or six inches of snow on top of ice. I don’t think these guys are biking to work because they can’t afford motorized vee-hickles. In fact, I bet they all own fleets of Prii. Maybe even an SUV or two, just to keep the soccer mom in the family “safe” on the road (sorry, snarky today). So, Marquis? What *about* biking in snow and ice? I see these guys out there and just the thought of a fall makes my whole body hurt. Is it safe? Can you get special tires for snow? Do they really help? Does dressing up like the Michelin Man cut down on the road rash? What about when somebody’s family soccer mom (sorry, snarky today) is on the phone and doesn’t hit her antilock brakes soon enough and hits you? Etc., etc. We I wanna know! Er, re-reading this late at night, it all sounds really snarky but it isn’t intended that way at all. I have my own limits with my own chosen athletic activities but I don’t bike and I am honestly interested in this.

And Facebook? Should I join it? I’m on Twitter. I like Twitter. Probably not for the usual reasons, whatever they are. I’m on Linked-In. Despite the fact that I have some wonderful real-life friends on there, I hardly ever go out there for anything. It seems like the whole purpose is to collect links to other people but nobody ever communicates anything again. What am I missing? I am too tired to talk about Myspace tonight and Hi5 scares me! So, I always thought Facebook was for young college students, etc. I don’t want to be on Facebook stalking my kids. I can handle Twitter, it’s lightweight. Not sure about Facebook. I have been invited to join Facebook exactly *once* before yesterday and that was by someone we will only refer to as the DDRG and, I dunno, it just doesn’t seem appropriate to be friends with that person in an on-line venue. Yesterday. I got invited by Vicki! I have probably walked a thousand miles with Vicki. It would take a whole ‘nother post (or ten) to recount all of our walking adventures here but we wore out more than a few pairs of shoes and Ninja Turtle bumbershoots and whatever. And we had other adventures too. We ran the Forsythe Middle School Science Fair and I was there when she painted her living room purple and, well, you know. We are friends. Friends who don’t live across the elementary schoolyard from each other any more but still keep in touch when we can. What do I do? I dunno if I really *want* old high school people to find me… And I am not always sure if I want to know anything more about my kids’ lives than what they tell me. Maybe I’ve already answered my own question.

Good night,
Your politically incorrect Virus Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t really like facebook much, but it is an easy way to find people. (and be found) I don’t know if that’s what you want or not. Some of the stuff is pretty stupid though. One time I got a sheep thrown at me–huh?

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