Mixed bag of Good Times on a Good Sunday

First of all, what a good idea to stay in East Lansing the night *after* the Quiet Water Symposium as well as the night before. And although I *love* the EL Marriott, I think Kellogg might just edge it out. The room was small (but it was an “economy” room) but clean and comfortable and that’s really about all we needed since we spent very little time there except to sleep. What has pushed me over the edge is the fact that this facility is *on* the beautiful MooU campus, feet away from the Red Cedar River.

I did not get many pics of Kellogg. I’m sure it has changed – probably more than once – since my BFF’s grandparents stayed there in the early 1970s. I can kinda imagine what it might have looked like then… Nowadays… This intimate little scene is directly across from the elevators and our room is to the right. The place feels mildly Asian (Japanese?) to me but whaddoo I know, living in a house with a mish-mash of Student Ghetto/Early Inlaw (other than the rooms I have gutted, of course).


I loved breakfast. If you get there early, you get seated by the window, which is always a plus. Yesterday I had a smoked salmon plate with toast and sour cream and tomatoes and lemon, etc., etc. Today I had the below, an alternate version of Eggs Benny (which was also on the menu). I loved it although I like to put lemon in my Hollandaise, the couple times of year that I make it. At least it did NOT have cheddar cheese in it. I do not know why people put cheese in Hollandaise and I spent a few anxious moments worrying about that since I hadn’t asked (I usually do) but (whew) in the end there was no cheese so it was okay. And not tooooo much to eat either morning. Yay!


After breakfast, I walked the river one more time in the Icy Fog that Mother Nature served up for us this morning while the GG attended to his fingers, then we got into the Frog Hopper and began to slowly meander our way from EL to A2, a journey I have made more times than I can begin to count. The GG was driving and he began by meandering by the Brody complex, where he lived as a freshman at MooU more years than I want to count. He pointed out his 2nd floor freshman dorm room and noted that he used to be able to climb out the window onto a fenced balcony type area. Those dorms have been remodeled since then (probably a few times) and students are no longer able to climb out their dorm room windows. I wish I had gotten a pic but I didn’t. Sigh. It was just a dorm.

We meandered south toward the Ingham County seat and, when we got to a certain intersection, I said, let’s go right here just for a few minutes, then we’ll turn around. This place, that I visited many times as a college student and then for the last time only a few years ago, is looking a little happier than when we saw it a year ago. (Hope it’s okay for me to post this 💜).


We turned around after this and headed a few miles south to collect a courthouse, which was my main mission for today’s drive. The Ingham County Courthouse. The GG asked something like how will we find it. I have only been through Mason a few times in my life but my memory holds a town square with an old-fashioned courthouse in the middle of it (plus, when I zoomed in on google maps, there was OBVIOUSLY a town square with a courthouse in Mason). This one looks refurbished. I love when that happens.


From there, we took the Dexter Trail home. I have taken the Dexter Trail more than a few times, the first with BFF and her loverly old van and more recently on various yarn store boondoggle trips to EL with Mouse. The GG doesn’t think he has ever driven the Dexter Trail before. I am not totally sure about that but it was a beautiful drive home today and we drove parts of it that I haven’t before. We loved it greatly even though Mr. Golden Sun never did make his much touted appearance.

2 Responses to “Mixed bag of Good Times on a Good Sunday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love breakfast out, and there should be NO cheese in Hollandaise sauce. I’m a cheese addict, but that isn’t one of the ingredients of that! Is that your old house?

  2. Sam Says:

    S’okay, and it does look better. Yeah, the courthouse does look spiffier than it used to…. Love the name “Dexter Trail”; always thought it sounded enticingly interesting, more so than the surrounding landscape…in my imagination, anyway. Ah, the old van…55 miles to the quart of heavy-weight oil by the time it…died—whatta green masheen (NOT).