togaI wasn’t really hiding out from Casino “Night”, it was just early, but the Queen Bee dragged me out anyway. She isn’t any crazier about Casino “Night” than I am but in the end we teamed up to drag D (who probably hates it worse than either of us do) and Topeka, who didn’t really need to be dragged out, she was just on the phone in the lunchroom. Topeka seems a lot more social than us but since she is new and stuck on our stodgy old team, we felt responsible for accompanying her to the event.

I have not done any kind of casino-style gambling since I was in 7th grade and it was de rigueur to play penny poker on the band bus. The morning of my first band trip, my old coot handed me a roll of pennies. I can’t remember if I won anything or not. I did know how to play poker from playing it with my cuzzints and friends at the moominbeach but we never played for money. I don’t think any of us HAD any money. You know that band-bus penny poker games were outlawed within the next few years. Jeebus.

A Euchre Tournament was also associated with today’s work event. It was organized by my buddy Louie-Louii. I do not EVER play euchre and never have. I can’t think of anything more stultifyingly boring than a game like euchre. The Commander belonged to a bridge club when I was a little kid. (I *think* euchre is a somewhat bridge-like game. At least, I was hearing “trump” from the euchre tables today and I do not think they were talking about Donald.) All I know is that I was VERY disappointed when I found out that The Comm and her friends were going to sit at card tables and go tee-hee-hee, smoke and eat nibblies, and uh, play cards? Whut? I thought that they were going to build an actual BRIDGE in our living room. THAT would’ve been exciting.

Anyway, us introverts plus Topeka grabbed some food and sat down at an empty table and then the LSCHP joined us. He was resplendent in a toga he made out of a flowered bedsheet from his childhood. (I forgot to say that this was also a Toga Party. I did not wear one.) And we had fun talking about, well, I dunno, the stuff that introverts talk about. What can I say? We do not do small talk but we are interesting enough to each other when we don’t have something more pressing on our minds. That’s prob’ly why a lot of us prefer text messages to phone calls. Topeka finished her food and beat a hasty retreat over to the gambling tables. [We hire trained card dealers for this event but I don’t think any actual money changes hands. I think all players are allocated an equal amount of chips and the winners receive company-purchased prizes.]

2 Responses to “To-Ga!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate casinos, but enjoy playing pai gow(sp?) when I get dragged there. Playing cards makes me too competitive but I don’t know enough strategy to win, so I end up frustrated. (and poor!)

  2. Pooh Says:

    The old cabin had a coffee can of dried beans for gambling on Michigan Rummy! I think there was/is a single box of poker chips in the game table.