Green beer Blue foam

bluefoamApparently the bar we always go to for an afterwork St. Paddy’s Day par-aaay buys their green beer already green. The problem is that they only buy one beer in a green color and the LSCHP does not like that kind of beer so he schleps his own food coloring bottles along and the challenge becomes what kind of beer to buy that will work with which color of food coloring.

I did not think to get a pic of the first pitcher we got but the blue food coloring he put into it gave it a kind of a greenish brown tinge. People drank it anyway, except for those of us who prefer whine, that is. The second pitcher arrived with a huge head on it. Attempts to color it were foiled when the blue food coloring got stuck the foam and refused to get mixed in. The LSCHP spooned the blue foam out into a glass and passed it down to the CRD. I’m not sure why the CRD got stuck with it or whether he drank(?) it or not. (Don’t look at the whine glass or the chicken bone.)

We’ve been doing this St. Patrick’s Day par-aaaay for more years than I care to count now. I typically have two glasses of cab and hit the road for home. I have missed some good stuff over the years like when a long-gone developer drank out of a pitcher at the end of the evening. Fortunately his vee-hickle broke down just after he left so he didn’t end up driving in that condition.

I wasn’t the first to leave but I left earlier than I really wanted to. As is often the case, I had other things to get to tonight. The GG wanted to get dinner at Knight’s and I was up for that after an interesting week around here, what with sharp sticks pelting us from the woods, etc. Still, I was sorry to leave. It was a smaller crowd than usual but that wasn’t really a bad thing. Introvert that I am, I was kind of wanting to spend more time with those folks. Maybe it’s because this is the Queen Bee’s last official St. Patrick’s Day party (noooooooo!) or maybe it’s just that I have been working with these folks for a pretty dern long time now and, well, that’s about all I can say… I don’t really need a work “family”. I have a vibrant life outside of work and more “real” friends, not to mention a few big branches of family members, than I can count to help get me through the proverbial night. Somehow I seem to have ended up with a work family *anyway*.

2 Responses to “Green beer Blue foam”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Work families are great; I have most of my wonderful friends because of my job. I went out for one drink but it wasn’t green. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    I had parent-teacher conferences. My last family arrived at 7:00 and talked until 8:30. Then it was officially Spring Break!!! California here we come…