Bang, Crash! Get Outta My Way!

So I can grab that turkey! It’s the holiday season and me and all the other old bags are bumping their grocery carts into each other so we can get at the turkeys. I got my turkey last week and it is now sitting in the regurgimatator supposedly thawing. Except it seems to be freezing everything in its immediate vicinity. A reverse effect, maybe?

The Westgate Kroger goes absolutely crazy a few days before Thanksgiving, so I got there at 7:30 this morning to avoid the crowds as I bought everything *but* turkey. It used to be a lot worse before the u-scan. Back in those days, carts would get lined up ten deep or more at each cash register. Add a few screaming kids (I wonder whose) and mayhem ensued. One time I had just barely made it outta there alive and I told Arlene something like, “Whew! I’m all done. I won’t be back.” Not. I had to eat crow to her later that day.

On most days, the Westgate Kroger takes on a sort of twilight zone feeling at 7:30 in the morning. Not today. It wasn’t what I’d call crowded but there were plenty of people around there. Nevertheless, when I got to the uscan, I didn’t have to wait at all. And Kroger was smart enough to put Arlene at the helm for what’s sure to be a busy day. I scanned my $105 worth of groceries and as I was walking out, I said to Arlene, “Whew! I’m all done. I won’t be back.” “Thank you!” I think almost as soon as I got home, I had a new grocery list going.

One Response to “Bang, Crash! Get Outta My Way!”

  1. jane Says:

    It seems your turkey and the surrounding food are a fine example of the laws of thermodynamics. (Pooh can expound I’m sure.)

    I’m making a yellow pepper soup for tomorrow. I did my shopping yesterday at Fresh Season’s and it wasn’t crowded at all – very calm actually. Shopping yesterday would be one of the perks of unemployment. I can’t think of many others though. and I’m making the soup today so that I stay out of Harry’s way tomorrow! 😉

    Enjoy tomorrow everyone! jane.