Life goes on

mkt1I just caught a whiff of an NPR story about a trend where people are getting divorced when they are in their fifties. Why? I only listened to bits and pieces of the article but I kind of understood what they were talking about. In a weird kind of way. I cannot write coherently about this tonight but I experienced a kind of freedom in my fifties that I didn’t expect but enjoyed greatly. As I began that decade, the beach urchins were largely independent, my parents were elderly but healthy, and I wasn’t gainfully employed but I had a vibrant career doing non-profit work. I spent that decade going to school, traveling back and forth to the Yooperland to deal with sick and/or elderly family members and eventually working at my current bonus job/career. But. During that entire time, I never felt compelled to divorce the GG. He was right there with me for the good, bad, and ugly, and he tolerated me traveling in and out of town on my own steam whenever I felt like I needed to, not to mention all the trips the GG himself made up there to help The Commander after I started working at my bonus career. That decade of my life had its ups and downs but I can’t figger why on *earth* would I choose that particular time of life to get divorced from the GG????? ???? Women have enough money to do what they want nowadays, the radio said. That’s cool and yes I do have a wee bit of my own money but kee-reist, isn’t it better for a couple to combine their money…

And who the heck would I hook up with if I divorced the GG? Who else would I hike the local trails with? Who else would drag me onto the North Country Trail? Would I still be able to hang out with The Uncly Uncle and all of my in-laws and their children at Houghton Lake?

C’mon people. Shake a blanket while you still can!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I think it’s weird too, but many people don’t have independence or support within their marriages and probably get tired of that. They could have been putting up with a lot of STUFF, and finally get to the point where they give up on the relationship.They are looking to stretch their wings and find out what they’re missing before it’s too late. I didn’t choose to be widowed, but I will tell you that I feel no need to hook up with anyone and have plenty of friends to hike and have coffee/drinks with. It’s not always awful to be single, just different.