PG rated. Beware!!!

wirechartWhat do I have today? Dum de dum de dum. Not very much. Dum de dum de dum. Except that a very weird conversation took place in the hallway at my work today. I mean it was a weird conversation for my work and do not read any further if you are squeamish about b**bs and women breastfeeding their babies. Click away, click away, click away, Dixieland. I’m sure there’s something on Facebook about Trumpity Dump or whatever. Not saying anything in particular, just that even with the Brussels bombing, my feed is still filled with Trump. Go figger. Anyway…

This hallway conversation was about those articles of clothing that I fling almost as soon as I get in the door. I know that cup sizes like G and H exist and I feel for the women who need to wear those. I think that back problems are often an issue and sometimes reduction surgery is the only way to solve that problem. As a C, I miss the days of A (yes, really). I don’t need a huge amount of support so I am able to wear “comfort” bras and yes they may make me have a uni-b**b but I don’t really care. Hey, I told you to click away 🐸

Although bra conversations are interesting to me, I wasn’t very participatory (I was actually very busy) and then the conversation shifted to breast feeding. We CERTAINLY don’t talk about that at my work but that may be because most of the women who work at my office are long done with feeding babies, whether breast or formula.

There was a lot of discussion about people breast feeding in public and reactions to that. I didn’t often have to breast feed in public (and when I did, I was discreet because I didn’t want people to look at my dern b**b).

I was a lucky mother in many ways because I was able to breast feed my babies without quitting my job and I never had to pump breast milk. But my question is that nowadays, women who are having babies are planning to pump breast milk in their cars, as they are driving to work or wherever. This is a thing. I am not being judgemental about this. I’m guessing that the technology exists that allows mothers to pump breast milk while they are driving and I think that anything that helps mothers to provide their children with breast milk is cool. But wouldn’t it be better if mom (and dad) could actually take time off work to get to know their baby? And mom could actually breast feed her baby in person? Breast feeding my babies (in person) is probably one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I wish that more women could have the experience that I had with my children. Is it a good thing for new moms to pump in their cars? Or is it just another way to stress young mothers out. I honestly do not know.

2 Responses to “PG rated. Beware!!!”

  1. Tonya Says:

    YES!!! It was such a drag for me, having to wean that baby at 6 weeks because I had to be back to work after 8 (unpaid, of course) weeks and there was NO WAY they would have tolerated me pumping at work. That was really hard.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I had to do the same as Tonya and it was a drag. I also have changed shape, and hate it. I wear sports bras which are more comfortable and also give me a uni-b**b look. 🙂