Red Plaid Nation?

redplaidThis photo absolutely cracks me up. I also love it! It was undoubtedly taken by my beloved late father-in-law, the entity known as Grandpa Garth, who liked me despite my numerous flaws. I love it more than the Daisy Mae photo (which I would post except that I cannot easily find it tonight). Garth took that one too. I think the Daisy Mae photo was the first time I met my future f-i-l.

Red Plaid? Meeee? Say what? I do not remember that shirt. Was Red Plaid a fad in the early 1980s? Maybe? Note that the GG is not wearing Red Plaid. Can I just say that we have completely reversed wardrobes here in the 2010s? The GG has tons of Red Plaid anything-he-can-get-his-hands-on. I wear basic black with brilliant accents. My typical outfit is perfect for a nasty spider woman like me, don’tcha think? Watch out or I’ll bite you, my little pretties! 🕷 Seriously, Red Plaid seems to be a Thing these days and maybe someday I will snag a nice long Red Plaid skirt (with an elastic waist [snort]). Until then, I’ll stick to my Spidey Woman color palette.

I don’t remember exactly what year this was. It was definitely in the very early 1980s, after I met the GG and before we had our first beach urchin (1984). I miss Grandpa Garth and I miss the moldy old Courtois cabin (although I greatly appreciate the new one, thanks to all of the Courtois siblings for pulling together to build it). I want to say I miss that Red Plaid Me but really, she’s still around, just wearing the colors and styles and new-age fabrics that make her happy and comfortable hanging around in the Great Outdoors that she loves so much.

We won’t talk about lumbersexuals tonight. That subject could quickly veer into difficult territory (grok grok grok).

2 Responses to “Red Plaid Nation?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    This photo is GREAT!! I have seen your hubs in red plaid, in more than one pic. LOL

  2. Pooh Says:

    I seem to remember red plaid with sequins??? Maybe this shirt over a black tee with sequins, or sequins adorning a red plaid shirt?? Ready the way-back machine, please.