I Am Thankful I’m Not Trying to Cook a Turducken

Somebody here on The Planet Ann Arbor is. I know because he just called the turkey hotline. It was not My Dear Uncle Harry, although I have heard him on the radio before and I know he is cooking today. What else am I thankful for?

  • That the smell in the kitchen has been traced to the Indian-style food that we cooked last night. It is definitely not a dead rodent. And, yes, the food was good!
  • That I’m not trying out some newfangled method of cooking a turkey an hour before a bunch of guests are set to arrive. And also that I don’t have a big bunch of guests arriving, since I need to get my Coldfusion homework done. Today. So I can get back to work on my presentation. And a bunch of other stuff that y’all don’t wanna know about.
  • That I am actually getting my Coldfusion homework done. And understanding it, thank you very much. Uh, Froog. Get off my keyboard. You just launched Excel! grok grok! I was jus’ tryin’ t’ calky-late how long it’ll take me ‘n’ ol’ Smokie t’ git t’ th’ ol’ moon now tha’ my flyin’ masheen has th’ new punkin powered super drive. Grok grok. Never mind him. I do *not* know where he comes up with this stuff and he is *not* taking buoy 22 to the moon again. I’m in enough trouble with the Coast Guard already.
  • I can’t say this out loud but I am thankful that I do not seem to have the ghastly vomiting bug that I’ve very likely been exposed to. If I say it out loud, I’m afraid I might get it, just like the last time I blahgged about a ghastly vomiting bug. I do not have time for that kind of crap right now, so it can just pass me by, thank you very much!
  • That Mouse is home, because it has been known to take me three tries to make a pie crust that didn’t totally disintegrate when I tried to put it in the pie plate. Yes, three! Pie crust is apparently a skill that skips a generation.
  • I dunno what else but this Thanksgiving is so warm and sunny that it reminds me of the time my bro’ and his family and the RegenAxes were here and we all went down to Barton Dam on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was in the 60’s. So I could be thankful for the weather but I just really don’t care that much. 🙂

Grok grok. Tha’ stoopid ol’ bag thinks tha’ th’ leaf trucks picked up ‘er ol’ punkins. Grok grok. She doesn’ know tha’ ol’ Smokie confy-skated ’em t’ use as fuel fer th’ new super-drive fer my flyin’ masheen. grok grok grok GROK!

2 Responses to “I Am Thankful I’m Not Trying to Cook a Turducken”

  1. Jay and Rey Says:

    Harry is cooking a goose this year.
    Rey is having dinner in Montana with a friend’s family
    We are having a turkey – cooking as we speak.
    The plan for tomorrow is to visit the University of British Columbia (Vancouver).
    Then a whole weekend to be like a regular weekend – but with leftovers.
    Work too I am sure -but my goals for the weekend seem doable.

    Happy food (I bet many of you have already eaten.)
    Jay Ashlan and Carl

  2. Webmomster Says:

    Woof! we are *stuffed* here in SSM!! 2 stuffed pork roasts – 1 with cherry-pecan, the other with apple-walnut stuffings. Squash. Mashers. Blueberry & cherry pies. Pecan Tassies. Stuffed!!!