An extra speshul Monday

groundedSoooo… Rolled over to Cubelandia on this fine Monday morning, faaaarrred up my company-issued Windows Musheen and commenced to get to work figure out what the heck I do for a living. Well, hello! The Mother Ship has been pushing out an upgrade to Microsoft Office products to everyone in the company who uses them and my turn was today! Except. Installation failed! And ALL of my Microsoft stuff was blown out of the water. Word, Excel, Outlook, Communicator, well not Visio because that’s somehow handled separately. Not too long after this, the Queen Bee arrived with her cheery good morning. My response was something like @#$%. She summed it up with, “It is a *special* Monday.” I filed a support ticket about the problem but didn’t hear back today. I kept myself busy cleaning up some “messes” in our high fidelity html prototype for the day but…

Moving right along, did you hear the one about the black bear who attached himself to a great lakes freighter after a little swim. It ended well and if you don’t follow the Storm Warrior on facebook (or are not on facebook), you might try googling something like “Cason J. Calloway bear” and you’ll probably find TV 9&10’s story about it or whatever. I’ve been following Storm Warrior on facebook for a few years now. I also follow the Motor Vessel Algolake. One of my fave posts ever from the Algolake was on an early morning when I was walking the moominbeach in a dense fog. I couldn’t see the island but when I went to upload a random foggy beach photo to facebook, there was the Algolake posting a pic of drinking coffee out by the Pickle Finger waiting for the fog to lift so they could continue on down through the Upper St. Marys and Soo Locks. So close and yet so far away. Back when I was a beach urchin, I would be comfortably snuggling in my little bunk bed listening to foghorns and not having a clue about which boats were out there. And not caring.

Continuing on the theme of great lakes freighters, particularly those from the USS Great Lakes Fleet, The Roger Blough (referred to as Big Butt by my fam, not to be confused with Big Ass, which has long been the fave coffee mug of a lot of moomincabin family members) somehow, despite umpteen gazillion trips up and down Lake Superior and through Whitefish Bay into the Upper St. Marys, managed to run aground up at the mouth of the St. Marys River. I’ve lost track about whether it is still there or not (but I think it is). Here is the GG’s pic of the Philip R. Clarke taking the Blough’s cargo so it can be moved off the reef or whatever it crashed onto. I’m not sure whether he took this photo on the shore at Iroquois Light or up in the lighthouse. As an aside, when I was a very small child (three?), I toured the Philip R. Clarke with my parents. It was a pretty new bote then and I vaguely remember that tour. The Clarke and the Blough are sister ships with the Calloway (of bear cub fame). So much fun.

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  1. jane Says:

    I can’t believe we’re missing all the excitement with a stranded bote!!