Oh, yeah, check the hammock

So, the Prince of Denmark disappeared this afternoon. I *thought* she went down in the Landfill Dungeon (and maybe she did) but she didn’t come back up or at least I didn’t hear her come back up. It was really quiet in here for a while and even though I *knew* that the Prince of Denmark was alive and well somewhere, my moomdar kicked in just a wee bit. Grok grok grok around the Landfill upstairs. No answer. Grok grok down to the dungeon. No answer. Grok grok grok toward the back door. And an answering grok. Oh yeah, the Prince of Denmark is in the hammock. Duh.

It was a regular Wednesday and at some point during the afternoon, I looked at facebook and my facebook/high school friend Tom had shared a pic from somewhere of old doll heads outfitted as nightlights. One of my facebook “rules” is to not share stuff or comment on stuff other people have shared. I won’t go into those “rules” today except to say that I do occasionally break them and I HAD to break this one. Why? Well, partly because Tom is not your average facebook user. He has a unique sense of humor and I actually enjoy seeing most of the stuff he finds interesting enough to share. Also, I don’t own a doll head nightlight, but I do own the thing below and I commented on his post with a pic of it. I noted that *my* doll head thingy does not light up… I think Tom and The Pensioner would get along well.


Isn’t this a gorgeous little bit of scenery? Make no mistake. It is gorgeous but I have heard that it is frickin’ cold up in the Yooperland.


The Pensioner arrived at the moominbeach this morning after rattling around the eastern Yooperland with the engine of folks who chainsaw fallen trees off the North Country Trail and build boardwalks and re-route trails and whatever. Hats off to those folks! They make it possible for Salarywomen like me to *hike* the NCT when they can get enough time off to do that. (I am not complaining. I love my work and I am well compensated and very well treated.)

It is a Wednesday but it is also an important date. Can you guess what by this photooo The Pensioner sent from the moomincabin?


If not, maybe you might guess by the undated photooo below – BIG HINT, the birthday girl is on the left looking rather scary. I have to say that I am pretty sure the bote in the far background is the Presque Isle slipping down behind the point. We have always called the Roger Blough “Big Butt” and it *does* have a big butt but I actually think that the Presque Isle has a bigger one. It is also a different kind of bote but still.


If you have not guessed the birthday kiddo yet, here is our beautiful young cousin C*Q*L with a message for her.


Good night and love you all,

One Response to “Oh, yeah, check the hammock”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Old doll heads are scary! It reminds me of Toy Story. 🙂