Black and white

blackwhiteFirst of all, THANK YOU for all of the comments yesterday. I think that even beat Dogmomster’s 12 trombone post from a couple summers ago. We were up at the moominbeach and I’ll never forget The Commander’s rather horrified reaction, “*Why* under the *sun* does she need 12 trombones?” Anyway, I am not really one o’ them thar “comment whores” or whatever you call ’em. I enjoy getting comments but I am okay whether I get ’em or not. I don’t comment on other blahgs all that often myself unless I actually have something to say that isn’t just a bunch of blather. I blather enough right here on ababsurdo. But yesterday was a fun run!

Actually, I was just a wee little bit out of sorts yesterday. It was *not* birthday related or work related or weather related, although I did give myself a pass on my pre-dawn walk yesterday morning since it was something like 15 below zero (Fahrenheit). Whatever it was, I didn’t feel like going out or doing anything. Birthday festivities? Blah. But I dragged myself out of my funk. We bundled up into balaclavas and snowpants and hoofed it over to the neighborhood pub, where we met up with some characters who call themselves Arctic John and Polar Diane and we ran into some old Haisley Mafia buddies and there were double nickels everywhere (what the heck was up with that?) and it was all fun and I’m about ‘hattaned out, thank you very much. Oh, and my little mousey made a surprise trip home for the weekend, albeit not specifically for my birthday but she did join us old fogeys for dinner at Knight’s.

Today? Everything is black and white. I’m sorry. We have no color here right now. Except for my snowpants. They’re purple. Click here or on the pic for pics of the little black and white walk we took in the park down by the dam today.

4 Responses to “Black and white”

  1. elizabeth carter Says:

    bio rythms mean some days youre up some youre down, a wave pattern must enjoy low days meloncholy baby happee birdfeet to youuu hoppy birdy tu uuuu Love ya Elizabeth and randy

  2. l4827 Says:

    We enjoyed all the characters at the round table also: SiberiAnn, Chilly, Arctic, Mouse, and Bi-P. A group if there ever was!

  3. Sam Says:

    Love the photos. I know those bleak grey wintery days of southern Michigan very well…. Number 8 particularly struck me…. Thanks!

  4. Margaret Says:

    We are certainly allowed to have our moods and I always seem to get in one around my birthday. (or holidays) The photos are beautiful and the tavern sounds like an adventure!!