Error! Error! It Does Not Compute!

Errrg. I think this afternoon is the first time I have *ever* been on the verge of tears over a homework assignment! I just could not get Web Database HW12 to work. Kaboom! Kablamm! Kablooey! One error after another. I am not unfamiliar with programming logic. I taught myself Fortran way back in the day and made it do some pretty hairy things, or “sexy” as a guy down at NCC-UNIVAC once said. And don’t tell anyone but I got an A in an excruciatingly hard DOM1 Javascript class last year. And there’s nothing really that hard about Coldfusion. It’s just new to me, as is the concept of having to maintain state in a web application.

So I swallowed hard, eviscerated my error-ridden file, and started over. Slow as she goes. One little bit at a time. <cfoutput> tags all over the place so I could see what was going on. And darned if I didn’t fix it! I *think*! 😐 It isn’t perfect! In fact, it’s pretty darn clunky for an on-line banking application. Did I mention butt-ugly? Style sheet be damned. National City would definitely not be impressed. But it works. I *think*! 😐 And so, I think I can turn it in and at least get some points.

So, I’m gonna quit for the day. It’s Saturday night and we’re here at the Courtois Group Home at Houghton Lake. Prairie Home is on, there’s a fire in the fireplace (and smoke all over the cabin because the flue wasn’t open), the candles are lit, Mouse is using her sewing machine, and Froog is back from harassing the ducks. Have a good evening!

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