Mice eat cheese

mouseyOh, so that’s where that comes from! It’s a Modest Mouse song! Click if you dare.

This song has been floating in and out of my life all summer. Although I know of the band Modest Mouse, I don’t listen to a lot of their music, at least not actively enough to know what it sounds like. The GG has been singing this song *all* summer and I could not figure out where it came from. It kind of reminded me of the old Bunnies Go Hop song, which consists of this:

Bunnies go hop hop hop. They don’t like foxes.

Yes, that’s it. It sorta has a tune? Maybe? It’s hard to tell whether something has a tune or not or if it does, what that tune is, if the GG is singing it. He loves music of all sorts but his assortment of prodigious talents lie in areas other than singing in tune. Me? I do not have perfect pitch but I have very very good relative pitch and we’ll get into that some other day (or not). I am not a trained singer but I am pretty darned good at carrying a tune. So I couldn’t tell what the heck the TUNE was, not even when he taught the song (or at least the Mice Eat Cheese part) to C*Q*L and sent me a sound file. I suspect C*Q*L has much greater abilities to carry a tune than the GG but if you learn a song from the GG… (I think he should sing *anyway*, by the way!)

Anyway, the song resurfaced as we were leaving the moomincabin this summer and went next door to say goodbye to Bugs and Horsey. Bugs was easing herself into the day when we barged in and she thought that we were there to sing! So we did. That is, the GG commanded that Liz and Mouse sing the Mice Eat Cheese song. I don’t think they expected to sing right then but they rose to the occasion. They didn’t seem to be able to carry a tune either. And then we left and I am happy to say that I was able to hug B&H goodbye this year because I didn’t have The Cold Virus From Hell With Eyelids Fused Together By You-Know-What (2014) or a broken pinky w/ cast/splint/whatever up to the elbow (2015). They are my last living Finfam aunt and uncle and I love them.

Finally, just yesterday, I got to googling the Mice Eat Cheese song and FINALLY I know why I can’t understand the tune. It’s because there really isn’t one. It’s kind of a monotone style of singing! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not my fave style, although I did come to love Bob Dylan back in the day. On the other end of the spectrum, coloratura soprano can also be a bit much for me.

So, a wonderful Saturday beginning with an early morning walk to meet Mouse at the farmers market and then lots of food “processing” and picky little unpacking chores from two weeks in the Yooperland (yes, still), cleaning, and organizing various things. We got a wee bit of rain today but not nearly enough to “clean the air” as L-L would say but it isn’t insufferably hot and I was able to do some of my more rote-type food processing chores outside so that was nice.

Tomorrow? In which Mouse plans to enslave me on a chitchen prodject beginning early. Let that remain a mystery for now. Should I feed her breakfast? Bacon?

2 Responses to “Mice eat cheese”

  1. Sam Says:

    Of course bacon. But I may be in a time warp.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I will need to listen to that song now!