You’re no fun

You are right! I am no fun. But you were not a whole lot of fun for most of the week. Just sayin’ 💩

It was a click bait article, one of those things from a dodgy news-type site where if you click, you get a lot of pop-over ads and lurid pictures that link to other [worse] articles and very little content. I did click but when I got there I decided not to read. Why bother. The bait? A couple of ugly mug shots of “parents” and a little girl who told the poleese her name was “Idiot”. I know that horrible things happen to children but I actually have a hard time believing this one. But maybe that’s just me. I cannot feature that any parent would call their child an “idiot” at any time, let alone when they are newborn as this would imply if the kid really doesn’t know her name by the age of four or whatever it was. Bringing up children is a hard business. Your child is not your clone and they are not going to always do or think what you want them to. They are independent human beings and they *need* to find their own way in the world and learn to think for themselves. This is [usually] a *good* thing. I certainly wasn’t a perfect parent and I cannot say I never yelled at my kids, sometimes in extreme anger. I know I did (wince). I don’t think I *ever* called them “idiot” or “stupid” or whatever or made them feel afraid. I *hope* they remember their childhood as a relatively safe place in which a rather “spirited” mother occasionally acted like a thunderstorm, which later subsided back into the remorseful sunshine of the love I felt (and still feel) for my wonderful now adult children. The ones who think for themselves and don’t always agree with me. (Sorry kids, I know that was sappy as all getout.)

My normally cozy little job was difficult today but ultimately productive. You do NOT want to know any more than that except that I will say that I was congratulated by more than a few people on how I handled a “difficult” presentation this afternoon, one that I knew would be difficult when I went in to it and in the end, I got a lot of questions answered and can move forward. My fave part of the day was the family of wild turkeys I have been seeing at the edge of the woods on the west side of the property all week. We have all kinds of water birds from ducks to great blue herons plus vultures, red-wing blackbirds, killdeers, and gold finches plus many mammals all the way up to deer (no bear though). I have never seen turkeys here until this week and I couldn’t get close enough to get a pic.

Love y’all and gobble gobble,

2 Responses to “You’re no fun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad your day was productive. I too yelled more than I like to remember and overreacted about TOO MUCH STUFF. Thankfully, there was Patt as the counterbalance. He was the chill, logical problem solver. 🙂

  2. Tonya Says:

    I yelled, too, but not nearly as often as MY mother did, lol. I’m not proud of it, but looking back I know it was mostly due to a lot of stress from being a single mom. (There is NOTHING worse). Thankfully my kid has turned out to be a (mostly) delightful man, that I adore and get such a huge kick out of. Yeah, he’s his own person, but I have to admit I’m BEYOND RELIEVED that he thinks Trump sucks! (Did I mention he’s a smart guy?) :o)