Oil trains are dangerous

pressman1Yes, oil trains are dangerous. I don’t have a whole lot to say tonight. This has been a rough week in all dimensions. Some of it is blahggable but would be stultifyingly boring. That would be my work stuff where many heads have been exploding for a week (or more) now but you certainly don’t want to know and you do *not* want to understand. I am cautiously optimistic that we may get beyond that soon. But we’ll see. And we’ll talk about Bob Miles some other day.

We did automotive vee-hickle stuff today. The kind of stuff where the beginning and end of my day involved schlepping out to the Subaru dealer on Jackson Road. No big problems with that vee-hickle besides routine maintenance, except that the rear-window backup cam hasn’t worked in a while and the right passenger window does not go down when you push the button. The timing belt apparently doesn’t need maintenance, apparently because that vee-hickle does not *have* a timing belt. Whut? But some of the brakes are on the verge. So it’ll be back in on Friday morning for beaucoup bucks.

Mr. Tin Foil Hat modeled his hat after the Pressman hats he remembers when he was a child with a paper route. And so here he is with the newspaper hats that he remembers from his childhood, wearing the tin foil hat that he made from that model. Note to KW: put “aluminum foil” on your grokkery list!

Beyond that, it is raining like crazy right now. We have been needing rain and we are loving it.

2 Responses to “Oil trains are dangerous”

  1. Marquis Says:

    This month, when we camped in Quebec, we camped on the shores of Lac-Mégantic, site of the 2013 oil train disaster that killed 47 people. We didn’t make the connection until later, but I still remember hearing the trains running at night.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Unbloggable stress is no good. I love venting on my blog, although I can’t write about everything. If someone asks me about it, I usually send a private email. 😉