An old refrigerator does not make a good shelving unit


So, when you dream (just before you wake up) that a guy in a tin foil hat and onion goggles has lined the walls of the already cramped little “master” bedroom in your 1959-vintage ticky-tacky “ranch” house with every shelving unit that your moom collected PLUS the small REFRIGERATOR from the Moldy Old Courtois Cabin, there’s nowhere to go but up, roight?

And up I went, in a manner of speaking at least. After a horrendously bad week at work (which is not all that bad given that my work is what you might call “cozy” 99% of the time), a spreadsheet that I put together just after our Darkest Hour, a couple days ago during a painful meeting when some excruciatingly convoluted things finally started clicking into a Pattern for me, was deemed “This is GREAT!” by my new supe. Whew! (Note to Story Problem type engineers if they are bothering to tune in from the other side. Alas, I kind of hope they are, not that they could change anything… … …)

The last two weeks have been a kind of a maelstrom in a few different dimensions and I hesitate to say we are on an upward trajectory but here we are at Houghton Lake. I am sitting in the Lyme Lounge looking out over the water, writing my boring blahg of blather as @tmotu “fixes the internet” [again] and two of my beloved brothers-in-law and their beloved wives talk in the cabin. I hear the sweet dogz (Chloe Belle, Daisy, and Riley Sue) going in and out of the cabin but they are mostly pretty quiet.

The highlight of my day? Before I left work today, Building Mom/KennyP found a praying mantis here on our window. We were both entranced by this insect and we were tripping over each other to get photos of it that didn’t include each others’ feet. These things are around. I love them. I love BM/KP. So here it is as well as its reflection.

But then…


Because I am an IDIOT focused on my own stupid little self, I neglected to tell our Friday Oscar Tango buddies that we would not be there tonight and I cannot believe that we missed them and their wonderful tin foil hats. Love you guys. I meant to text you but I failed!!! OMG! You look fantastic and that would’ve been so much fun!

3 Responses to “An old refrigerator does not make a good shelving unit”

  1. Sam Says:

    Though the foil versions are quite flashy (and sometimes I lean flashy, in a moderate way), I kinda prefer my sunhat styles….

  2. l4827 Says:

    Would have responded earlier,… but found that we were overtaken by strong currents shortly after entering bar room which lasted through most of the night. Now recovered. No worries about texting, we imbibe either way. ‘TINins and ‘HATins again.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Strong current at the @strongdrinks barrooooooommm. Of course!