hlMr. Golden Sun made his first serious appearance mid-morning up @GroupHome @HoughtonLake. He then disappeared for a while but (of course) he came out in full force *after* the UU and I returned from a wee Flote Bote “fishing” expotition and the GG and I were scurrying around getting ready to leave for Southeast Trollandia aka home.

The weather was not perfect for cruising around the lake in the Flote Bote, stopping at tiki bars along the way but it was good enough and the Great Lake State needs rain. It’s fun sharing a vacation home with relatives that get along well. Not that there aren’t ever little squabbles about this or that but it’s all just family stuff and it *stays* within the family, which is where it *should* stay. This weekend we were three baggy old couples, the GG and two of his brothers (one of them his twin) and all of the respective out-laws. Yer fave blahgger, The Beautiful Gay and The Beautiful Becky.

Yesterday, as it was approaching cocktail hour and I was chilling out in the Lyme Lounge processing photos, I received a fb msg from a S-I-L that we needed to declare NO POLITICS at the Cfam cabin. I totally agreed! Once a long time ago I happened to be there on my *birthday* and people were rumbling around about polly-ticks (“Ohbummer” and whatever I *think*). I declared that it was No Politics Day. People kept talking about politics. I persisted. People started looking at me a little funny. I persisted. Suddenly people seemed to “get it”. With a couple of chuckles, we stopped talking about politics. That day. What the heck. We don’t all agree. I can’t usually sort out what *I* think half the time so who am I to be engaged in political discussion. Better to do something constructive like wash the dishes. Something that makes the world [arguably] better and can actually be *finished*.

Our beach urchins did a sisterly camping trip this weekend. They ended up in various places over closer to Lake Michigan, probably not farther north than Manistee, which is pretty much straight west from Houghton Lake. As much as I enjoyed our time with our relatives at the Cfam cabin, I kind of envied the beach urchins their lovely camping trip. And yes they were in the rain too. Being their moom, I was kind of worried about them being in the rain but then they posted lovely photos of cooking eggs under an umbrella along with beach and nature pics. Not to get tooooo sappy but I am so glad that they love each other and can carve out time to take road/camping trips together. It isn’t easy to find that time. And then there was last year when they were planning their own camping trip but things went a bit south when Mercury went into retrograde that weekend and they ended up camping with their *parents* and a whole a bunch of other old fogies at Tahquamenon.

And that’s waaaaayyy more than enough for today.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t talk politics with my brother or SIL these days; they would not agree with my views, and I most certainly wouldn’t with theirs. So, we do family stuff instead and enjoy each other’s company. We won’t be able to influence each other’s votes anyway, so why make it uncomfortable and tense? We need rain around here! I think we’re getting some later in the week. Maybe?