Door Number 1 and Door Number 2


You never know what you are gonna get when you arrive home from Cubelandia now that The Pensioner hangs out there during the day. Sometimes the winders git washed. I’m not sure what this little monocle was all about. I think he told me but I can’t exactly remember. Oh, he was using it to get a sliver out of his finger. I think he was dealing with the wood pile…

I had a loverly day during which I analyzed and solved many problems. I still have a few things to analyze and solve but that’s what a systems analyst does, don’tcha know.

After I got home, I took a short walk down Haisley to Walter and when I was about to turn onto the sidewalk from Walter to the schoolyard, a young woman yelled out, “Don’t worry about my dogs!” I am familiar with those dogs and I am not categorically afraid of dogs, and they are behind a chainlink fence anyway. I was garbling out a reply that her dogs were fine when a good-looking young man asked, “Are you Lizard Breath’s moom?” Well, yes, I am, and who are you (thinking I knew the answer)? It was Ike (pronounced E-K). I remembered him from kindergarten at Haisley. He was holding a baby so of course I asked if it was his child. No, it was his nephew. Son of his sister-in-law, who owns the dogs and was sitting on the lawn. I think he told me I hadn’t changed. What a polly-tishun! 🙂

2 Responses to “Door Number 1 and Door Number 2”

  1. Sam Says:

    He’s right; you haven’t. In the ways that matter….

  2. Margaret Says:

    You look the same to me, but then I haven’t known you that long! 🙂