Mercury Retrograde morning and a Richard Scarry kind of day

It is September and it is not snowing (yet). In fact, it was very warm this morning but it was raining. And that would be okay except… I was headed off to Detroit and 1) I could not get onto the I94 18-wheel Slogway at the Jackson entrance. There was a cop there blocking the entrance. Okay, I traversed a bunch of “back roads” and caught up with 94 at Ann Arbor Saline Road. Everything was all right except it was raining cats and dogs and I was in the Ninja and… 2) When I got past Metro, the pavement changed into this grooved stuff that made me feel like I was sliding around on the road a bit. I slowed down a bit but it still made me nervous, especially when I was passing oil tankers and things. Just about the time I was wondering if my 8-year-old vee-hickle was actually having some kind of issue, the pavement changed and things were fine again. But then. 3) My GPS was telling me to get off on an exit that didn’t seem to exist. Yaaaaaaa! It was okay, I got off on the next exit and it took me right where I wanted to go. Except… 4) I was .2 miles from the turn to Lizard Breath’s house but Rosa Parks Drive was between that turn and me and about a gazillion bicyclists were going along Rosa Parks and they weren’t letting traffic through and and and YAAAAAAHHHH! Eventually the bicyclists came to an end and Liz was standing on the corner and then she directed me to (aaaaaah) a nice bagel brek.

I took a pic of the empty, rainy outdoor area of the Detroit Institute of Bagels but I didn’t post it because it was pretty boring. And then My New Favorite Doggie arrived. It’s okay, it is wet out there but it isn’t raining at the time this pic was taken.


So, the reason for going to Detroit was for me to get my scraggly hair cut by the professional tag-team that Lizard Breath hires to cut her hair. My hair was getting scraggly so I signed on for a cut. And here I am, looking happy about the whole thing.


A whole lot of construction stuff is going on all over downtown Detroit and some of it was going on outside our hair salon. The guy with his back to us eventually interacted with us. At first he caught me with my iPhone cam pointed at him (although I was really focused on the bikers). I won’t try to describe the window interactions we had with him but he showed us his muscles and then later pretended to take a photo of meeee inside the salon. It was a Richard Scarry kind of day. The kind where all kinds of stuff is going on all over in the street.


So, I went into this hair salon with kind of long scraggly hair and what is below is what I came out with. I know that I have “good” hair but it was so much fun to hear multiple people say things like, “I hope you aren’t going to cut all of your hair off.”


Here is a view of what it looks like outside the hair salon we went to. That building was probably around when I visited my grandparents in Detroit.


At the end of it all we got whine, salad, and pizza at Ottavia Via.


And then I drove back to The Planet Ann Arbor. My drive home was smooth. Love.

4 Responses to “Mercury Retrograde morning and a Richard Scarry kind of day”

  1. Sam Says:

    LOVE the new do! (Smooth like the drive?) ((We’re listening to Lucinda Williams, so feeling I might have poetry behind my fingers; no evidence, yet, however! (Snort.)))

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Go for the poetry. And Love Lucinda!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Your hair looks lovely! I want mine to look the same, except that I would need to grow it out. (so painful) In general, it sounds like a great day!

  4. Tonya Says:

    Awesome haircut! Ahhhhh, to have thick hair…