It’s Saturday and…

I spent the whole dern day messing around with my Coldfusion on-line banking application. To those who have asked, Coldfusion is a server-side scripting language that can be embedded into html web pages to allow them to interact with server-side databases. Web sites like MySpace and Facebook incorporate it. Coldfusion has similar functionality to php but php is a more widely used open source language that is supported by more servers. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, like everything else on the web and in life. If you didn’t understand any of that, don’t worry. There’s a whole lot of stuff that y’all do that I probably don’t understand. And I don’t totally understand Coldfusion yet either! Which is why I’ve been chained to my powerbook lately.

To set the record straight, my on-line banking application is *not* called Gone Phishin’ W’ Yer Money. It has the very boring name of Washtenaw Community Collge Credit Union. I do not know where Froggy gets these wild ideas. Probably it’s my fault for making him help me with my Javascript homework last year. He has a tendency to meet up with the wrong kind of friends and spending all that time out there on the internet, he had every opportunity to interact with plenty of unsavory entities. Phish and Worms and Trolls and you name it. I wonder what kind of havoc he might wreak in secondOops, maybe I should try to *not* get that into his head.

I appreciated all the fort comments! I didn’t include the fern fort next to Don and Katie’s in my list because I couldn’t quite describe it but Pooh did a great job! I forgot about that big hole in front of the Old Cabin, too. That was always a good place to play and even now that it’s kind of filled in again, it provides a good place to sit during those cold, sunny nor’westers. It’s too bad that G4 never got the chance to play with pulp logs! And I certainly remember when the foxholes were dug. They were *big*. Or maybe I was *little*. I believe the entities who dug those were named Mac, Mike, and Denny and, at the time, I heard one of the G2-ers say something like, “Well! If someone were to be walking down there in the middle of the night…” I forget exactly what came next but you can imagine and I can’t exactly remember who said it but it does sound quite a bit like something The Commander would say. 😉

Good night! I wish I was at Houghton Lake tonight but I’m not. It’s okay 🙂

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