Death March with the Twinz of Terror

jordan1You don’t always know how much you need sleep until you wake up at that batscope hour and you look over at your cube-shaped alarm clock to check the time… And your cube-shaped alarm clock is NOT THERE. And you are thinking something like, “Where the hell am I?”. But just for a second because you figger out pretty damn quickly that you are, aaaahhhh, at the beloved C-Fam cabin at Houghton Lake. I fell back asleep for a while after that but I still got out for a walk before the sun came up. I felt soooooo good this morning. I needed that sleep.

We ate brek at Mikey’s this AM and then we headed up north to the Jordan River Valley. We hiked one direction a bit and met up with The Uncly Uncle and Gene and it’s too complicated to talk about the whole thing but we eventually finished a beautiful warm fall hike on Gene’s adopted section and then we drove down to Mancelona, where we could not find a dive barrrooom *anywhere* (what is up with that?), so we drove over to Waters, where we found a wonderful barrooom, and then down to the Best Choice grocery and finally to Houghton Lake again, just as the sun was setting at 5:14 PM!

And here’s this from the Cream, just for fun. Get into my big black car. Indeed.

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