snow1Why do I let beautiful warm fall seasons like this one lull me into thinking we’re not going down the escalator. Just two days ago the Ninja’s dashboard reported 70 degrees as I drove home from work while the sun sank toward the western horizon. But I know what the next few months have to offer. Been there done that.

Still I wasn’t totally prepared for the penetrating cold and wind that today brought. It’s not really all that cold out. It’s around 30. But the wind is screaming. I did my usual walk this morning albeit maybe 45 minutes later than usual but that was just slothfulness. I was bundled up and warm enough although one of the first things I did this morning (after cooking bacon!) was to order a second smartwool balaclava so that when one of them needs to be laundered, I will have a spare. Actually, I think I should buy a bunch of those things for folks to borrow when they visit and do not have, uh, hats. I mean real hats, the ones that keep you warm, not those great America red thingies. Not sure what those red hats are gonna do for America but they will definitely not make me, up here in the Great Lake State, warmer. Fortunately I have an arsenal of winter clothing at my disposal.

Anyway, we had a sort of slow day here in a way. I did a whole lot of little things in the morning. Cooking and cleaning and moving furniture. I did not move my grandma’s buffet out of the front living room. I wanted to move it and I suggested the move (two buffet type things right next to each other? Really?). I was totally surprised when I got home from a morning trek to the Plum to find it GONE! Oh, don’t worry. He just moved it into the “guest room”. Actually my Mouse wants Grandma Margaret’s buffet and she is welcome to it and I will keep it here until she has the space-time to deal with it.

We did take a bit of a Ninja Ride today. A half-hearted ride out into the nearer reaches of the county, then downtown. Downtown? Why are we going downtown? We parked down there and got a beer/whine at Hopcat. We hadn’t been there before. It was lovely but I think it is not exactly my fave place to go. I love the Griz and the Jolly and the Oscar Tango the Redum Hawk and ABC and I kinda wanta try the Blue Tractor… I was kind of thinking that Hopcat might be a little like this generation’s version of Dooleys. Whatever. We had wonderful service and I was happy.

We got back home and took some sinking spells. The GG crashed out. I got back into reading Kavalier and Clay for a couple hours, then schlepped over to the Plum (yes again) to stock up on a few more items for the Thanksgiving week. I will be schlepping a turkey home from there tomorrow. And then… It is interesting to try to grocery shop a holiday dinner via a backpack but I don’t have a lot of folks to feed.

So yesterday, I went outside and my Ninja had a thin covering of snow on it. Today’s pic is from something like five minutes later. The street looks like it’s covered with ice. Not, thank you god. Just wet and dried up quickly. I counted up my YakTrax supply this morning. Four pairs! Two unused. The others look pretty okay.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Winter is coming! Here too, we’re feeling the bite. We were spoiled with 60s and now we’re 50s for highs and 40s for lows.