In which double and triple chins are not particularly photogenic…

nosolicitingLinked In? Please stop suggesting friends (or is it connections?) that I do not want to, uh, connect with.

The Benevolent Despot? He is my boss. He’s the big boss, not my immediate supervisor, although I did report to him for a few years. I connect with him every day at work and I know him well. I love him (as a BOSS!) but social media? Not. Well, we *do* follow each other on Twitter but I rarely post and he probably hasn’t posted in eight years or so.

My investment guy? Naw. Actually he is not really a social media guy. He is a phone and face-to-face guy. As in, “Hi! How are you doing? Let’s go out to eat.” This drives me a bit nuts but I like him and it has also been helpful at times during the ridiculous trail of tears that happened after The Commander died.

My ex-sister-in-law? Linked In? Please please please please pretty please with a cherry on top? Will you stop suggesting that I connect with the woman who harassed me and my family for YEARS via unscrupulous lawyers. I’m not sure how those lawyers made her life any better but we won’t go there today. The thing is that SHE DISCONNECTED ME! So why do you (Linked In) think I would want to become friends with her AGAIN? I do not get Linked In’s algorithm and I do not see a way to tell it that I DO NOT WANT TO CONNECT WITH PEOPLE I DON’T WANT TO CONNECT WITH. Or maybe, I should just try to connect with her and see what happens. Hmmm…

Triple chins? Most of us baggy old kayak women can manage to show them. Well, I can do a double chin, but I could do that when I was a skinny teenager. I don’t think I’m quite fat enough to do a triple chin even now that I am old and baggy. But if I were worried about what I might look like in the random photos and videos that come with a public position (like president of the USA), I would not run for that position.

Love you all,
Even if I don’t agree with your presidential choice,

One Response to “In which double and triple chins are not particularly photogenic…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love this post! I think I need to delete my Linked In. I am retiring anyway!! Facebook suggests some of my husband’s horrible relatives, and I just ignore them. They have also suggested a couple of dead friends, which is upsetting.