Lookin’ like Beethoven?

tdayplumHere we are (Mouse and me) on our annual Thanksgiving Day trek over to the Plum Market for mini desserts. Once upon a time, I used to make a pie or maybe even two for Thanksgiving. Alas, I am not the best baker. The Commander could make a pie with her eyes closed, dancing around the moomincabin chitchen to a Sousa march. Meee, not so much. Then a few years back I was hit by a nasty pre-xmas gastro-intestinal virus. Although I was mostly over it by xmas eve, I was not up to anything more than the basics that year and that’s when I discovered that it was a lot less stressful to walk over to the Plum Market and buy something from the Zingerman’s Bakehouse outlet there. We don’t eat a lot of sweet stuff around here anyway. A full-size pie or cake sits around here until it molds or dries out or whatever.

We have a collection of pics like this one going back 4-5 years now, including one that looks almost exactly identical to this one except that Mouse and I have our clothing colors switched, sorta. But that hair? (I mean my hair.) What on earth did that hair remind me of? I finally figured out that it reminded me of none other than Beethoven’s hair. Google him. I dunno. The Commander was never crazy about my preference for wearing my hair long. And believe me, this haircut (which is actually a wonderful cut) is long in terms of The Comm’s preferences. I wonder if she would’ve liked my hair better if I had told her I was merely emulating Beethoven. I was a musician, after all. She, on the other hand, had a London Fog trench coat for a while that made her look kind of like Columbo. Google him if you dare. (She liked Columbo and actually got a huge kick out of that resemblance.)

Anyway, I’m not sure if I am up to giving out a cheery “Happy Thanksgiving” this year. I have seen so much of that stuff on my facebook feed today that I’m starting to feel a bit ill. I think we should *always* be giving thanks for whatever is good in our lives and mine is plenty good, KNOCK ON WOOD BIG-TIME!!! I think we should *always* be wishing others well, even when they don’t “look” like us or have treated us badly (I need to work on the second one), as hard as that can be. It just seems so empty to do it on facebook, et al. I am not religious at all (and I am as FAR from perfect as you are and likely WORSE) but “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. Something like that.

Note that if you did post a happy thanksgiving type message or meme on facebook, I love you and I am not targeting you in any way. I actually don’t even remember who did or did not post a Thanksgiving message. I’m also sure I have done the same thing in past years. Just that this year my timeline overall got a bit cloying with so many people chiming in with the same message.

Oh, that 35 mph speed limit? Don’t believe it for a minute if you are trying to cross N. Maple on foot.

2 Responses to “Lookin’ like Beethoven?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Had to embiggen to find the speed limit sign…(teehee). Happy Thanksgiving Boxing Day (got that from the Guru)!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I agree on the FB time line and avoided it after a while. I do hope that people who post that are telling their loved ones face to face and not just writing a blanket thankful post on social media. This is the time of year that I also need to avoid my On This Day app since it is full of hospitals and dying posts. Ugh. Love the photo and love your hair style. I wish I had the patience to grow mine longer. 🙂