catsaI could go on and on about the snow that I had to shovel today. I guess that shoveling snow is better than shoveling shit but whatever. I could also talk about “fake news”. I did get into that on the internet today a bit but I am really not into discussing it on my blahg today. Last night (before the Big Snow) this customer came a’beggin’ at our back door. We’ve had cats around before but they usually spook pretty quickly. This guy (I am only guessing at the sex) did not want to leave. We struggled. What do we do? We don’t like to see animals be hungry or whatever. This character looked well fed and he also looked like he had a winter coat on. I could only guess that he was feral or maybe just a free-willed outdoor kitty who knew how to make the rounds.

We got this pic and discussed posting it on the neighborhood app but decided not to. But then… Today one of the beach urchins asked us if we had done that. The next thing I knew, the GG had posted the kitty. Last I looked, there was one response. The woman said that yes, she had seen the cat and it had freaked out her indoor kitties. I think I was right that it was a feral cat who makes the rounds. That’s okay but we will not be participating. Plenty of folks around here will feed him.

Alas, 40% of the Boyne Highlands ski lodge burned early this morning. 1:30 AM or something. There were injuries. Early reports were that all of the injuries were minor but late this afternoon a report said that a 20-something male was taken to a hospital out of the area due to smoke inhalation issues. That sounds ominous to me. It wasn’t too many years ago that a couple of young 20-somethings died in a basement bedroom in the neighborhood adjacent to us after someone left something on the stove. It was a while before I could even walk down that street. Sigh.

I am remembering all of the times me and my brother and friends of ours skied down at Boyne Highlands. My parents weren’t skiers. Well, Jack was an excellent X-C skier and probably could have done downhill too but we were not particularly rich during those years and The Comm was never a skier. So I never stayed at the overnight lodge down there. We would take a bag lunch down to Boyne for the day and eat it in the big old day lodge. I’m not even sure if the day lodge is still there. We weren’t all that concerned about eating anyway. We just wanted to ski.

Anyway, we have had a ton of frickin’ snow today and due to some temporary automotive vee-hickle issues around here, I am not even gonna try to schlep to Cubelandia tomorrow. Working from home, thank you very much! Love y’all, KW!

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  1. Gene Regenstreif. Says:

    I don’t think that is the cat in our neighborhood that has come over to drink out of a rock that holds water for the birds.