#unpresident…. … … Wha…?

drivesundayI am sorry. No, I do not think He-who (Trump) was trying to make some sort of joke or satirical point or whatever by using the non-word unpresidented instead of unprecedented. I do not think president-elect Trump is capable of understanding jokes or satire or whatever. I think he tried to spell a word that he didn’t know how to spell and autocorrect took over or maybe not. I could be wrong about this but the outcome of me being wrong is just as scary as the outcome of me being right. No, he won’t be unpresidented by the electoral college. Enough of those folks will do their jobs that Trump will be our, uh, president… I hope he understands what he stepped into but I am skeptical.

Here on the Planet Ann Arbor? I got up a bit later than usual today, like 6:30 or something. I put out a half-pack of bacon and a half-pack of hash browns on the stove (to be cooked) and took my usual walk and when I came back, the GG was cooking that stuff. I finished it all off and then sometime later in the morning, after much slodgi-ness, the GG said something like, “Do you want to go for a ride?” Oh man. I was waiting for him to ask that. Our drive today was a small one out by the river and then some back roads between Dexter and Chelsea. And so here is a pic from that. And then we hit up Sessions for lunch with beer/whine and sliders. A new bad habit? Maybe. It is a beautiful new brew-pub with good food. Back in the day, the GG investigated it as a potential place to get car window glass replaced and he decided it was too seedy. LOL!

One Response to “#unpresident…. … … Wha…?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love brewpubs with good food, and despise (and am terrified of) our new president. 🙁