“Critical thinking: the other national deficit”

According to my cousin/commenter, this is a thing. I don’t know who thought this up but yay! I don’t really want a bumper sticker. I would rather have a big sparkly button that I could put on my sparkly bomber hat and maybe a second one for my backpack because I don’t wear my bomber hat in the summer. Both of those items came from The Commander, by the way. She bought me the hat from Barish Brothers for xmas on one of her last xmases and the backpack was something she got on some sort of junket to Toronto way back in the day and I kind of inherited it. It is my grocery-getter these days.

A couple of other vocabulary terms to think about are “populist” and “business man”. And after you have defined “business man” (my dad was one, a banker), think about whether a “business man” would be the best person to run our country or not. I believe in applying “best business practices” to government entities but I think that those “businessmen” need to remember that the bottom line is not the number of widgets produced.

A long time ago, my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a bunch of bank buddies and their wives out at the moomincabin. Lyndon Johnson was the president at the time and his wife was Lady Bird. I was hanging out on the deck (I think)… Wherever I was, I overheard people talking about Jack (my dad) being the president. They laughed at how all the women would be called things like Fran-Bird and Harriet-Bird, etc. They were all having a good time aka drunk. Yee-hee-heeeeee! 🙂

My dad was what he called a successful failure. I am also a successful failure and I’ll let y’all figger that out. “Business man” or not, I actually think that my dad would have made a wonderful president. I am also pretty damn sure he didn’t want anything to do with that job. I think being a small town bank president was enough for him.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am a successful failure. I don’t have a billion dollars, but I’ve made a difference in this world.