<snot>Somehow or other, I managed to survive hanging around horspittles and the like all winter without picking up any diseases. I have not had a cold since the fall of 2003. The only disease I have had since then was an absolutely deadly gastrointestinal virus that knocked me flat for a few days before the New Year. This week, I have a cold. It’s just a silly little cold. I feel great and I am gallivanting around just about like usual, walking six miles a day and infecting everyone I come in contact with. And that’s okay, I doubt that the uscans at the Stadium Post Office or Westgate Kroger are vulnerable to my little virus 😉 But I am blowing my nose a lot and I need something to blow it on. As usual, I do not have any Kleenex. I don’t usually buy Kleenex because I don’t usually need it. I am not above using toilet paper in a pinch but, even in a disaster zone like my kitchen, a roll of TP would be a little tacky. As everyone should know, a puffalump mouse makes a nice handkerchief and there is a very nice mousey of that sort peeking out of a YAG bag over there by the door. But I suppose I would get in trouble if I used her. Hmmm, what can I use to blow my nose… grok grok grok. Oh, no you don’t. grok grok. Do NOT even THINK about sliming ME! grok frook. I am already green. grok grok. Get off yer you-know-what and go buy some blasted Kleenex! grokgrokgrokGROK!!!!</snot>

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