Your Tax Dollars at Work

Brrrrrinnnng. I picked up my phone as I came to a stop at the Packard/Stadium intersection. “Hey, we need your superbrain. Who was the author of Peter Pan?” asked the caller. grok grok. Superbrain? The Old Witch does NOT have a superbrain. Grok. Shut up, Grooggy.

“J. M. Barrie,” said I. “By the way, who the hell is this and what the hell are you doing?” grok grok. My name is NOT “Grooggy.” grokGROOK.

“This is the federal government and we needed help with a crossword puzzle,” the national expert replied. grokgrokgrokGROK! National expert in what? grok grok. Gorky, we’re still trying to figure that out. grokGROK! I am NOT “Gorky”. grok grok

Folks, your tax dollars are hard at work at the EPA today 😉

(Uh, a little disclaimer lest someone decides they want my head.)

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