My point? You might be wondering?

Yeah. I did have a point to yesterday’s blahg entry. Man did I stumble and bumble around [not] getting to it. The point was that when you do the NYT xword every day for umpteen gazillion years, you learn a lot of words, random as they may be. This comes in handy more often than one might think. Like “zarf”. I got that from a NYT mini-puz a couple years ago. A zarf is the little sleeve that they put on your paper coffee cup to insulate it so the cup doesn’t burn your hand. I am not sure if Roos Roast coffee knew that word before I did but they definitely know it now because The Pensioner asks for a zarf every time we get coffee at their farmers market booth.

It is surprising how often this trivial kind of knowledge becomes useful although it has NOT helped me with Scrabble-type games. A few years ago, one (and then the other) of my daughters engaged me in Words with Friends, which is really scrabble on the iPhone. I lost every blasted game. I will admit that it was fun when we were galumphing around in the woods near the Beaver Pond on the North Country Trail once and my phone surprised me with a Words with Friends ping from San Francisco. I didn’t even know we had phone service in that place. And I am sure I lost that game.

But then a couple more people, including one wonderful intelligent friend who did not learn to read until adulthood, engaged me in this game. All of them clobbered me. My Amazon Gals kind of dropped off after a bit. They were busy and I was relieved. And I eventually managed to extricate myself from all games. I can’t end this paragraph without referencing my uber-cuzzint, The Grand Poobah, who is the epitome of scrabble players. She beats everybody. I do not play Scrabble/Words with Friends with her. I do not play it with anyone.

Remember the zarf and start asking your coffee servers for one 🐸

3 Responses to “My point? You might be wondering?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Zarf? Good grief, I am a dedicated coffee drinker and have never heard that word. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    I thought zarf was the decorative metal handled cup that went over the glass when drinking hot beverages in Russia. So the paper sleeve is the same concept, but so much less in visual aesthetics.
    You should see Rey play Scrabble!

  3. jane Says:

    I echo what Pooh said – Rey is no slouch in Scrabble! which would surprise exactly no one. 😉