Before the sun came up

Mr. Golden Sun rose brilliantly this morning and continued to shine down on us all day. Until… It was around 4:00 and W1.5 was walking out of the lunch room and I peered out the lunchroom windows from my cube and said, “What happened to the sun?” He said, “It’s snowing!” Yes, it was. Crap almighty. It was a squall and by the time I left, it was gone but then, two miles from my exit, another squall came along. I was off the I94 18-Wheel Clogway before it could wreak any havoc but after I got home, I heard reports of accidents. All done now. Just enough snow to snarl the area evening commute. Thank you Old Man Winter.

Snow squalls are dangereuse. Just ask The Commander if you can figger out the phone number of the Ghost Ship Edmund Fitzgerald where I know various people are partying on the bridge. You could try 2-2565.

I had a rough start this morning in that I turned off my alarm and immediately fell into a short but disturbing dream. One where I was trying to get gas and do laundry simultaneously and I was having a terrible time with my debit card. It’s orange. That gets important. First, a teenager with a partial arm grabbed it to pay for his dad’s gas. I grabbed it back. Somehow this was all friendly? But then I kept pulling out all of these orange “discount ZZ” cards from some unidentified business. Not debit cards and did NOT work in the musheen. I kept throwing them out (how did I get these anyway?) but more of them kept popping up. I won’t even talk about the blasted laundry except that some was wet and some was dry and some of the wet stuff had fallen into an oil spill and somehow The Commander was involved in all of this but I can’t exactly remember how except that it was the USA gas station in the [now-defunct, alas] Glen’s grocery store plaza up in Sault Ste. Siberia. Anyway, I just wanted to get outta there.

And I did get outta there because I woke up and it was five minutes later than I normally like to get out of bed so I scrambled myself and and and… Now I have to get outta here and off my blahg before I start talking to my five regular readers like I am talking to the radio right now.

Yours truly,

4 Responses to “Before the sun came up”

  1. Sam Says:

    Kassandra, your dreams are amazingly detailed and long.

  2. Pooh Says:

    It’s the dreams I dream right before I wake up that I remember best.

  3. jane Says:

    so exciting to see sunshine for a second day in a row! my area of the office is COLD today and also yesterday. I went home last night and took a hot shower to get warmed up. came in this morning and first thing I thought was ‘it’s still cold’. but we have wifi so took my laptop and I’m over sitting in a sunny spot! wheeeee!

  4. Margaret Says:

    Believe it or not, we used to get snow squalls here. Now it’s more predictions of snow that never arrive. 🙂