Living in a material world

Sorry, I know I am not very good at writing about polly-ticks. I am not a very political person. I am a humble person who would prefer to spend my meek little life working and not having to think about people grabbing power and doing things that I don’t agree with.

I also realize that anyone who runs for any office greater than school board member (or dog-catcher) probably has an ego that my meek little personality could never match. Although there are folks who have been known to run for school board as a first stepping stone toward a higher office.

In my world, which is really not a material world, occasional Green Couch Retail Therapy notwithstanding (hope that word is used somewhere near correctly), I wish for some things from my elected officials. I wish for them to be honest. I do not like people who lie, even if it is for what they think is “the greater good”, whatever that may be. I wish for them to try to represent all of their constituents even when they disagree with them. I wish for them not to be mean to people that are *different* for whatever reason. And I wish for them to use Common Sense… … …

On a more positive note, our fave Clyde’s Drive-in in Sault Ste. Siberia is open for the weekend. I have been going to Clyde’s since I was a little kid and I can remember going there with my grandma (hamburg with everything but). Clyde’s has always closed in October and opened in the “spring”. The last couple of years, Clyde’s has done a pre-season February weekend opening and they are doing that this weekend (there is a wonderful video on Facebook). One of the things I love about the Clyde’s February opening is that they do *not* do it on the weekend of the I-500 Snowmobile race. Why not? Because they do not want to take business away from other restaurants in town who count on income from the race. The people who run Clyde’s are wonderful. They care about their customers as well as other business owners in town. I love them!

2 Responses to “Living in a material world”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love all the Clyde’s outposts, too!

  2. Margaret Says:

    It is a sad day when we have to wish for things like politicians caring about their constituents and using common sense. sigh