And the skies were not cloudy all day

I got this photo when I began my walk down to the farmers market this morning. The farmers market doesn’t open until 8 AM in the winter months so I was walking down as the sun was coming up.

After *many* chores this morning, we walked down to the Griz and it was something like 65 degrees when we walked through West Park (in FEBRUARY!!!) so there was still ice on the pond but I bet it won’t be there tomorrow.

At the end of the day, I sat outside on the sunny side of the house and watched the sun go down. The setting sun was so brilliant, I had to dredge out my summer beach hat to be able to sit out there and read.

I finished a book tonight. I’m kind of sporadically getting back into reading. I was reading The Time Traveler’s Wife last weekend and I could not put it down. I loved that book. I can’t exactly say why. I loved the characters and it was just weird enough overall to appeal to my wild sci-fi side. I finished that book earlier this week. The book I finished tonight was Olive Kitteridge. Oh man. I hated just about every single character in the book. I *got* that it was basically a series of short stories with Olive as a major or minor character. I did not like her. I did not like most of the other characters. I still could not put the book down. And then, when I got to page 634 (on my iPhone), I totally changed my mind. At least about Olive. I did not like her all that much better but, well, I dunno. I guess I’m still thinking about it… Which means it was probably a good book (it did win a Pulitzer…)

One Response to “And the skies were not cloudy all day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    65?? That is unbelievable! It’s 40s and 50s here. I LOVED the TTW, and so did Alison. I thought it was beautifully written and poignant. I enjoy imaginative books like that. I didn’t read OK but many of my friends did; some liked it and some didn’t. It’s a great book for discussion though. We read another book by the same author for Book Club and had a decent chat about it.